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Toronto cancels permit for 15th annual Jesus parade
 By Arthur Weinreb Full Story

Jesus in the City Parade organizers Charles McVety and Ayanna Solomon  (Photo:Toronto Sun)

With less than a month to go before the parade expected to draw thousands of participants, Toronto bureaucrats told the organizers of the annual event that it could not be held. Although excuses were given, there is no other logical explanation other than the cancellation of the event, held without incident for the past 14 years, was nothing more than Christian-bashing.

The Agricultural Resource Management Plan in Virginia
 By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh Full Story

The Agricultural Resource Management Plan in Virginia, Environmentally-driven encroachment: Regulating farming, compliance with environmentalist demands, control and tracking of the food supply, water supply, land use

My late father-in-law was a successful farmer and cooperative extension agent with 40 year’s experience who advised farmers in his county on crop management, land and water use, fertilizers, soil analysis, pests, and plant and animal disease.

A President's Global Warming Treaty Tyranny
 By Arnold Ahlert Full Story
A President's Global Warming Treaty Tyranny

In yet another demonstration of contempt for the Constitution, President Obama and his administration are pursuing what the New York Times characterizes as a “sweeping international climate change agreement to compel nations to cut their planet-warming fossil fuel emissions”—absent any input from Congress.

Oh good: ObamaCare now providing relief to those getting 'gender reassignment surgery'
 By Herman Cain Full Story

Oh good: ObamaCare now providing relief to those getting 'gender reassignment surgery'

Who comes up with these terms? You and I think of it (well, if we think of it at all, which I’d rather not) as sex-change surgery. But no! We have to be politically correct with everything now, so it’s “gender reassignment” surgery.

Obama takes over from Maurice Strong as global warming/climate change guru
 By Judi McLeod Full Story

Obama takes over from Maurice Strong as global warming/climate change guru

In one of the most significant transitions of our lifetime, a mantle was passed today, yet most of humanity remains blissfully unaware of it.

It couldn’t be worse because just as the late and lamented author Henry Lamb predicted back in 1997, aging, health-hampered Global Warming/Climate Change Godfather Maurice Strong has been replaced by Barack Obama.

The Presence of the Attorney General in Ferguson Invites Racism
 By Jerry McConnell Full Story

The Presence of the Attorney General in Ferguson Invites Racism

In an August 20, 2014 article titled, “Holder Says He Understands Mistrust Of Police As Ferguson Protests Dwindle” and on that same date, “during his meeting at the FBI building in St. Louis, Holder told Ferguson community leaders that he has assigned the federal government’s ‘most experienced agents and prosecutors’ to the investigation of a white police officer’s fatal shooting of a black 18-year-old.”

Lies and Dang Lies Environmentalists Tell
 By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh Full Story

“Romantic love is often blind. This is nowhere made more evident than in the environmental infatuation, if not worship, of a natural world which the modern greens will never be able to save no matter how totalitarian the movement becomes.” – R. Mark Musser, author

The green infatuation and Gaia worship were prominent in Hitler’s time. Musser talks about “the green Nazi motive of the Holocaust” in his book, Nazi Oaks. “Unbeknownst to many, the highway to modern environmentalism passed through Nazi Germany. By 1935, the Third Reich was the greenest regime on the planet.”

Decapitating the U.S. Military
 By Alan Caruba Full Story

Obama administration has waged its own war on America’s capacity to meet the needs of our national security

Many Americans were shocked by the Islamic State video of the beheading of the photo journalist James Foley. Perhaps they had already forgotten the decapitation of Wall Street Journal journalist, Daniel Pearl in 2002. Most certainly, the memory of the murder of nearly 3,000 on September 11, 2001, with the destruction of the World Trade Towers has begun to recede.

Sorry, Race Baiters; White America is simply Not Buying it Anymore. We've Spent our Guilt and Moved on
 By Mike Jensen Full Story
Sorry Race Baiters; White America is simply Not Buying it Anymore.  We've Spent our Guilt and Moved on

In 1984, I lived in North Philadelphia.  At that time (I have not been back for several years, so I can’t speak of the area’s current status), the area was almost entirely populated by black and Hispanic residents.  I’m white, by the way, and there were literally weeks that went by when I didn’t see another white person in my neighborhood.

Canadians do have a right to own firearms
 By Guest Column Gary Mauser Full Story

“To possess a firearm is a right, and it’s a right that comes with responsibilities,” Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney said at a news conference in Powassan, Ont., July 23, while announcing planned changes to Canada’s gun laws.

Cry for Argentina
 By Douglas V. Gibbs Full Story

Cry for Argentina

A year ago conservatives in Argentina claimed the South American country was headed in the same direction as Venezuela.  Economic freedom was under assault because of the institution of a failed Bolivarian economic monster - Hugo Chavez’s “twenty-first century socialism” was destroying yet another South American victim.  As with any nation that embraces socialism and abandons the free market, poverty increases, and things like toilet paper become a luxury.

MSNBC’s Conflict of Interest: Al Sharpton
 By Roger Aronoff Full Story
MSNBC’s Conflict of Interest: Al Sharpton

The day before Al Sharpton’s particular brand of civil rights activism led him to speak at Michael Brown’s funeral, The New York Times was celebrating him with a softball piece that outlined Sharpton’s strong connections to the Obama administration, White House adviser Valerie Jarrett, and even New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. What do all these leaders have in common? They lean left—hard left. Or as the motto of MSNBC, where Sharpton has a weekday show, puts it, they “lean forward.”

ISIS Mission Impossible: Catching Obama’s attention
 By Judi McLeod Full Story

ISIS Mission Impossible: Catching Obama’s attention

The digital jihadists who came up with a new social networks campaign in a desperate attempt “to ratchet up pressure on U.S. President Barack Obama”, are headed in the same direction Mrs. Barack Obama ended up in when she tried the same thing on ISIS Boko Haram pals with her epic fail #BringBackOurGirls hashtag: Nowhere.

Understanding the ISIS threat
 By Doug Hagmann Full Story

Understanding the ISIS threat

The current threats posed by ISIS, or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, to world stability in general and to the U.S. specifically are very real and extremely dangerous. However, the origins of the group and hence the threats are not to be believed “as advertised.” We are being subjected to more lies from the White House to Foggy Bottom, along with many elected leaders who know the real story but insist upon pushing a false narrative.

Common Core Rapidly Losing Support
 By Alan Caruba Full Story

As their children either start or return to school, parents are naturally concerned about the quality of education they receive from kindergarten through twelfth grade. In the past, before the teachers unions gained virtual control of the schools and before the federal government decided it had to impose “national standards”, it was the job of local boards of education to ensure students learned the basics—the three R’s—and, if history is any indicator, they did.

The Twitter Terrorism of ISIS
 By Judi McLeod Full Story

The Twitter Terrorism of ISIS

It is the trappings of Western society like the social media known as “Twitter” allowing fanatical terrorists to move with ease and freedom among the innocent and left-vulnerable-by-their-own-government masses.

The Cyclorama, Battle of Atlanta and Gone with the Wind
 By Calvin E. Johnson Jr. Full Story

This summer marks the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Atlanta.

Please share with parents, teachers, students, historians and all who cherish the Heritage of America’s past that includes those days when women kept the home fires burning while the men of Yankee Blue and Confederate Gray met with cold-hard steel on a battlefield of honor.

Unmask radical terrorists for the world
 By Judi McLeod Full Story

Unmask radical terrorists  for the world

The governments of all Western countries should do the research, to come up with the full facial picture of one Abdullah al-Britani without the black mask,  and post it on the worldwide web for all to see.

The Golfing President
 By Douglas V. Gibbs Full Story

Obama, The Golfing President

I love to golf, but I haven’t swung my clubs for quite a while.  An injury to my back and neck has kept me away from the links now that I have some time, and a lack of time while I was driving a Sand and Gravel big rig kept me away from golf courses during the last half dozen years.  Before that, I played quite a bit.

American & Canadian Politics

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The Canadian Rangers and Arctic Climate Change
 By Sierra Rayne   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment
The Canadian Rangers and Arctic Climate Change
A recent report obtained by the Canadian Press raises some important questions

Ferguson’s Media Problem
 By Daniel Greenfield   --Media - Media Bias
Ferguson's Media Problem
Without a bleeding wound, the swarming media mobs toting cameras, microphones and iPads will follow the trail of blood to their next story

Which senator told Kirsten Gillibrand: ‘Don’t lose too much weight now; I like my girls chu
 By Dan Calabrese   --American Politics
CONTEST: Which senator told Kirsten Gillibrand: 'Don't lose too much weight now; I like my girls chubby'?


Spain’s Green Energy Experiment
 By Institute for Energy Research   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment
Spain, electricity prices, green energy, renewables, unemployment
Brown’s Funeral, the Exploiters and America’s Police
 By Lloyd Marcus   --American Politics

Another disgusting aspect of the Left's political exploitation of Brown's death is the cruel crucifixion of Officer Darren Wilson without a trial.

Who Will Have to Pay Obamacare’s Individual Mandate Fine?
 By Heritage Foundation--AlyeneSenger   --American Healthcare
It's just one of the law’s 18 new tax increases—which are estimated to bring in an estimated $771 billion in revenue over a decade.
‘The Chinafication of America’
 By Marc Morano   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment
Reaction to Obama Bypassing the Senate with UN Climate Treaty: ‘Obama is taking a page from China’s government’
Americans Choose Michelle Obama, Hillary, Others for First American Woman on Paper Money
 By News on the Net   --American Politics
MRCTV traveled to the Lincoln Memorial and asked Americans which women they thought would be worthy of the honor
Latest News From China
 By News on the Net   --World News
Chinese officialdom is in turmoil
CCRKBA’s Gottlieb Challenges Gates to ‘Put his mouth where his money is!’
 By CCRKBA   --Gun Control - Second Amendment
I won't bring bodyguards, because I don't have any. My defense is the facts
Embracing the obvious truth
 By Caroline Glick   --World News
It is vital for more non-Jews, who refuse to deny the truth that screams out to be told, to stand up to the lies and publicly stand with Israel
Taking aim at added sugars to improve Americans’ health
 By American Chemical Society   --Life-Pets-Gardens-Food
The Case Against Sugar
VIDEO: Veteran group not too impressed as Obama lectures them about cynicism
 By Dan Calabrese   --American Politics


Outraged PC goons say Robin Williams was a racist, due to monstrous, insensitive, anti-Muslim Emmy t
 By Robert Laurie   --Media - Media Bias

You're a racist. I'm a racist. He's a racist. She's a racist. Wouldn’t you like to be a racist too?

Amazing, terrifying, video of Israel’s ‘iron dome’ simultaneously stopping 15 Hamas rockets
 By Robert Laurie   --World News

Imagine living like this...

The Silver Fix
 By Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser   --Financial, Business, Economy
The Silver Fix
Commodity prices including that of silver are constantly in flux but one thing is certain: The cost of bread has been remarkably constant in silver terms over the last 150+ years

The Iranian Nuclear Crisis: The International Determination Deficit
 By INSS--Emily B. Landau   --World News
If there has been any progress at all in the talks since January, it has been minimal and marginal
Economic Recap To Date
 By Ralph Ritchie   --Popular Reads --Surviving Obama's America
How to store money
‘Taxes Really Do Matter’: Whopper of a Lesson From Burger King’s Move
 By Heritage Foundation--Josh Siegel   --American Politics
Corporate Tax Rate
Global Warming ‘Pause’ Could Last For 30 Years
 By Guest Column--Dr. Benny Peiser   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment
The 39th Theory About The Global Warming ‘Pause’ (And Counting)
How to prevent organic food fraud
 By American Chemical Society   --Life-Pets-Gardens-Food
A new test under development has the potential to authenticate organic tomatoes and other produce.
ICYMI: Oil-Export Ban is Holding America Back
 By Institute for Energy Research   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment
Robert Bradley, oil, oil export ban,
Nature inspires a greener way to make colorful plastics
 By American Chemical Society   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment
A new kind of coating developed by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) gives plastic its color without the dyes.
Of Good Humour and Dark Pessimism and Consoling Wisdom, with a large Dollop of Humour
 By Diane Weber Bederman   --American Life, History, Education
“Your anxiety has a biological, physiological, and genetic basis. It is a medical illness like diabetes.”
William Hutt: Unsung Union Critic
 By Arthur Christopher Schaper   --American Politics
The forced rising of wages not only hurts consumers, but particularly harms the working class, who bear the undue cost of living increases
Foley rescue plan was ready, but Obama delayed authorization for 30 days
 By Dan Calabrese   --American Politics

And by the time they got there, the hostages had been moved.

Obama’s taxation poster child, Warren Buffett, helping Burger King move to Canada
 By Robert Laurie   --Financial, Business, Economy

Warren Buffett apparently now on Obama's "unpatriotic" list

Feds admit Lerner email backups exist, but Obama admin. attorneys claim they’d be ‘really hard’ to g
 By Robert Laurie   --American Politics
 Feds admit Lerner email backups exist, but Obama admin. attorneys claim they'd be 'really hard' to get
The next time you face an IRS audit, you can simply tell the agents that you're invoking the Obama administration doctrine of "following the law is hard, so I'm not gonna."

By 2040, We Won’t Need Subways
 By Canadian Taxpayers Federation--Candice Malcolm   --Canada
These dramatic changes will revolutionize transportation in the coming years, and make a $50 billion subway system irrelevant
The Final Nail in the Coffin: The Death of Freedom in Our Schools
 By John W. Whitehead   --American Freedom
American school children are indeed powerless. And they will remain helpless, powerless and in bondage to the police state unless "we the people" take the steps to set them free.
Latest Military News
 By News on the Net   --World News
Man in Afghan army uniform opens fire at base in Afghanistan, killing at least 1 American soldier
A liar’s a liar
 By Sarge   --American Politics
Obama’s recorded words
Statement By The Prime Minister Of Canada On The 23rd Anniversary Of Re-establishing Ties With Balti
 By News on the Net   --Canada
“As a vigorous defender of freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law, Canada never recognized the Soviet Union’s occupation of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
Earthquakes- Earth’s Common Problem- Revisited
 By Ralph Ritchie   --Popular Reads --Surviving Obama's America
Violence- EQ’s can range from a slight tremor to the violence of being thrown up against the ceiling
The Iranian Cyber Offensive during Operation Protective Edge
 By INSS--Gabi Siboni, Sami Kronenfeld   --World News
There is no reason that Israel’s long arm should not reach the hands of those who are intent on injuring Israel in cyberspace.
This Obama Administration Proposal Would Effectively Authorize Some Americans Seceding
 By Heritage Foundation--Hans von Spakovsky   --American Politics
The administration should stop engaging in unconstitutional behavior that is outside of its authority
Video: Gaza Children Cheer for Rockets to Hit America
 By News on the Net   --American Politics
Palestinians have a history of supporting terror attacks against the United States
Obama’s Mentor on Mike Brown Shooting: This Was “Just Like” MLK Assassination BUT
 By News on the Net   --American Politics
Professor Charles Ogletree
Justin Trudeau’s aversion to the word ‘barbaric’
 By Arthur Weinreb   --Canada
Although Justin Trudeau acts like a child, he’s 42-years-old and totally incapable of coherent thought, let alone running a country
Disability Insurance and the Social Security Stripping of Funds
 By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh   --American Politics
Illegal aliens have more rights and benefits than American citizens, personal property is fair game because it was not earned
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Thanks, but No Thanks
 By Douglas V. Gibbs   --American Politics
Darkness always appears as an angel of light: Embryonic stem cell lines
Convert or Die
 By Dick Field   --Christianity - Religion
Understanding Islamic Extremists:
Working Towards F-22s for the Canadian Air Force
 By Sierra Rayne   --Canada
Working Towards F-22s for the Canadian Air Force
Acquiring the F-22 Raptor is a desirable goal, but the devil is in the details

If it quacks like a duck ... it must be a turtle
 By Robert Felix   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment
Maunder Minimum and Global Warming
Where the Black Flags Fly
 By Daniel Greenfield   --Crime-Terror-Security
Where the Black Flags Fly
There is no civilization where the black flags fly. ISIS is how Islam has been settling questions of theology since the 7th century

1939 Nazi Invasion Began WWII and “Big Lies” Against Poland
 By Frank Milewski   --World News
1939 Nazi Invasion Began WWII and Big Lies Against Poland
Exceptionally cruel month in Poland’s history: Invaded By Nazi German and Soviet Russia

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Pictures & Artwork
Obama and the 30 day decision on Rescue of James Foley
 Dag Barkley

Obama and the 30 day decision on Rescue of James Foley

Pictures & Artwork
Obama and ISIS threat to deliver harm to the nation
 Dag Barkley

Obama and ISIS threat to deliver harm to the nation

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