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Keeping Calm and Carrying On This Winter
 By Judi McLeod Full Story
Keeping Calm and Carrying On This Winter

With a thousand and one predicted disasters calling the attention of the average citizen, we live in confusing, turbulent times.  If Ebola, terrorists or living in a country without borders doesn’t get you, something else will.

It’s as if the leaders of some countries want the countries they were elected to serve wiped off the map, leaving the world’s largest bureaucracy called the United Nations to get on with their convenient One World Government.

Calgary--Jihadi Capital of Canada
 By Arthur Weinreb Full Story

Calgary--Jihadi Capital of Canada

On Friday, Steven Blaney, Canada’s Minister of Public Safety, released the 2014 Public Report on the Terrorist Threat to Canada. This year’s report highlights the threat to the country from homegrown terrorists.

War as a Fact of Life
 By Alan Caruba Full Story

Younger generations can be forgiven if all they know of war is what they have learned in school or seen dramatized on film and television. For most Americans, the Civil War, the two World Wars, and the conflicts in Korea and Vietnam are events that occurred “a long time ago.” For my generation, born just prior to or during World War Two, wars have been a constant element of our lives.

Vis Pacem, Para Bellum
 By Jimmy Reed Full Story

My boyhood best friend and mentor, Jaybird, loved for me to read Biblical stories to him. Because manhood was of paramount importance to the old black man, his favorite stories were about men of great valor.

The Vacant Presidency
 By Obie Usategui Full Story

The Vacant Presidency

If you are, like me, in any way addicted to headline news, there is no way in the world you could have missed the highly redundant headline banners featuring Barack Obama’s golf outing charades of the last few weeks.  Topping the story’s serial coverage, however, was Obama giving a speech regarding the beheading of American journalist James Foley by ISIS on August 20th, while just minutes after the speech, he [Obama] heads back to play yet “another round” - a preferred colloquial slang in the golfing vernacular equivalent to playing yet one more time.

How do you define a “More Sedate” “Black Mass”, Oklahoma?
 By Judi McLeod Full Story

How do you define a More Sedate Black Mass, Oklahoma

Thousands of TFP Student Action supporting university students are right on the money for lamenting to Oklahoma authorities that… “only Jesus gets no respect”.

Witnessing a Failed Presidency
 By Alan Caruba Full Story

Witnessing a Failed Presidency

When we elect someone—anyone—to the office of President, it is only natural that we attribute great political skills, intellect, and judgment to that man. We want to believe we have selected someone with the ability to do what must be done in a dangerous and very complex world.

Obama AWOL again – on energy terrorism
 By Paul Driessen Full Story

Four news stories in four days sum up the Obama presidency and help explain why the world and U.S. economy are in such a mess. President Obama just returned from his two-week beach and golf vacation at Martha’s Vineyard. It took him a month from the time special forces located journalist James Foley to approve a rescue mission – by which time Foley had been moved (and was subsequently beheaded).

National Post column: Learn Islam or die!
 By Arthur Weinreb Full Story

National Post column: Learn Islam or die

On Aug. 29 the National Post, one of Canada’s two national newspapers, published an opinion piece by Afsun Qureshi, whoever that is.

Putin’s Unchecked Aggression
 By Joseph A. Klein Full Story

Putin’s Unchecked Aggression

Russia has expanded the scope of its military intervention in Ukraine. Following on the heels of its illegal occupation and annexation of Crimea and arming of the separatists fighting the Ukrainian government in eastern Ukraine, Russian regular troops have now joined the separatists’ fight.

The Normalization of Jew-hatred at Temple University and Around the World
 By Diane Weber Bederman Full Story

The Normalization of Jew-hatred at Temple University and Around the World

Times of Israel
We hear so much today about protecting rights of minorities. But not all minorities. There are 7 billion people in the world, and only 14 million Jews. It seems to me if any group needs protecting it is the Jewish people: the scapegoat for the world’s problems.

It’s A Wonderful Country
 By Lance Thompson Full Story
It’s A Wonderful Country

In the 1946 Frank Capra film It’s a Wonderful Life, Jimmy Stewart plays the part of George Bailey whose life challenges–legal, financial, personal–seem so overwhelming that he believes it would be better if he’d never been born.  An angel named Clarence shows him what a world without George would look like.  George realizes that he has affected the world in countless positive ways, and a world without him would be dark, hopeless and cruel.

Shaking, Quaking, and Freezing
 By Alan Caruba Full Story

Obama, Global Warming: Shaking, Quaking,  Freezing

Have you noticed how much earthquake and volcanic activity has been occurring lately?

There was a major earthquake in Napa, California, on Sunday, August 24th as well as considerable volcanic activity from Iceland to Papua, New Guinea. August was also a month that set records for colder U.S. temperatures.

This is Like Heaven, But Not Good Enough for Progressives
 By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh Full Story

My 1977 English teacher who said I would never amount to anything because my English was not British enough, taught me how to type on an old Remington typewriter with each letter attached to a striking metal arm. These armed letters often tangled if I typed too fast. When the school was allowed a few IBM SELECTRIC typewriters, I felt like we had arrived. I could type really fast, 85 words per minute. One of the big shots in the Communist Party had a child in our class and nothing but the best was provided for his progeny; so all 36 students got lucky.

Obama Asks, Is Strategy for ISIL REALLY Necessary?
 By John Lillpop Full Story

Obama Asks, Is Strategy for ISIL REALLY Necessary, Obama dumbing down of American

Barack Hussein Obama shocked, saddened, and disappointed millions of patriotic Americans when, upon returning from his long, but totally undeserved, vacation he blithely announced that his administration does NOT YET have a strategy for dealing with ISIL, which is quite disconcerting because, as nearly everyone but Obama knows, ISIL is the most vicious, subhuman terrorist group ever to threaten modern civilization at large, and America in particular.

The Ambiguous Nature of Canada's International Defense Posture
 By Sierra Rayne Full Story

The Ambiguous Nature of Canada's International Defense Posture

As Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine, an invasion that began formally with incursions into Crimea earlier this year—but in reality began many years before with growing Russian influence in Ukraine’s domestic politics, Canada’s defense posture is becoming less clear over time.

US Jacks Up Exit Fee For Those Renouncing Citizenship
 By Alan Joel Full Story
US Jacks Up Exit Fee For Those Renouncing Citizenship

Just like the recent rise of business inversions — moving business HQ abroad — the United States has seen an uptick (up 221%) in Americans renouncing their citizenship. The elephant in the room in both these cases is taxes: both high taxes and burdensome tax compliance in foreign jurisdictions.

Mary Landrieu and Her House of Cards
 By Jeff Crouere Full Story

Mary Landrieu and Her House of Cards

This election has been most difficult for U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) with one mistake after another taking her off message. First it was discovered that she was charging taxpayers for at least four campaign flights. Her embarrassing mistakes were not something Louisiana voters should expect from a Senator with so much experience. Mary Landrieu has been in political office since 1979 and has served in the U.S. Senate since 1997. It is inexcusable for Landrieu not to know that taxpayers should not be charged for campaign air travel.

SOCOM Change of Command
 By Jim ONeill Full Story

On December 4, 1783, at Fraunces Tavern in New York City, General Washington bade farewell to his officers.  His words still convey the emotionalism of the change of command: “With a heart full of love and gratitude, I now take leave of you.  I most devoutly wish that your later days may be as prosperous and happy as your former ones have been glorious and honorable.”

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It is important to understand that the U.N. has never agreed on a definition of terrorism.
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When you've lost Feinstein....

Governor Perry’s twitter feed sends out hilarious tweet, deletes it quickly
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I don't always drive drunk at 3x the legal limit....

Chillies for a Trout Pout
 By Wes Porter   --Life-Pets-Gardens-Food
September Gardening: Capsaicin
Designed to thrive, America is just surviving
 By Herman Cain   --American Politics

A republic, if you can keep it.

I got stuck on a Detroit overpass yesterday, because of Joe Biden
 By Dan Calabrese   --American Politics

"We need to take our country back!" Who does he think has it?

In Napa Valley, a Community Rallies
 By David White   --Life-Pets-Gardens-Food
The 6.0 magnitude earthquake that struck southern Napa County on August 24 was the strongest California had experienced in 25 years.
Germany to send heavy weapons to Kurdish fighters
 By News on the Net   --World News
Evidence of growing ISIS threat
Parents of slain SEAL Team Six member want Obama to resign
 By News on the Net   --American Politics
Billy and Karen Vaughn 'fed up' with administration's policies
Latest Military News
 By News on the Net   --World News
Man in Afghan army uniform opens fire at base in Afghanistan, killing at least 1 American soldier
FBI Radio: Public Service or Self-Serving?
 By Heritage Foundation--Sharyl Attkisson   --Media - Media Bias
How many tax dollars are being spent for the FBI to promote itself?
Official Lies Mask Russian and Chinese Aggression
 By Cliff Kincaid   --American Politics
Obama is acting like an agent of influence for the Russians, determined to obscure the reality of what is happening in front of our eyes.
GOP, Are You Ready To Reach Out to Blacks Yet?
 By Lloyd Marcus   --American Politics

We conservatives must find a way to bring our good news to black Americans. It is the moral and right thing to do for America

Why The Debate Over Energy Storage Utterly Misses The Point
 By Chris Dalby   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment
Energy Storage Technologies, Lithium-ion battery technology, Chemical energy storage
The Nuclear Option for Ukraine’s Defense
 By Sierra Rayne   --World News
While the rest of the world may not like it, Ukraine needs nuclear weapons to deter Russia
The Deadly Israeli House Strikes Again
 By Daniel Greenfield   --World News
The Deadly Israeli House Strikes Again

You can shell Israeli houses, bomb them and break inside to massacre the people living inside, but then after all that, Israel goes and builds more of those damn things.

The Unfinished War
 By Caroline Glick   --World News
The Unfinished WarThe war with Hamas is not over. What we are experiencing today is a temporary cease-fire.
Our two faced friends: the Saudis, Qataris and other Gulf Arabs
 By Al Kaltman   --World News
Stop funding and propagating the “poisonous and extremist ideology”
Why the Abortion Rate Is Declining
 By Heritage Foundation--Chuck Donovan   --American Life, History, Education
The “Roe Effect”
British Islamist Justifies Murder of “Mr. Beheaded Infidel” Foley, States: ISIS Lenient
 By News on the Net   --Crime-Terror-Security
States: "ISIS 'Lenient' on Yazidis"
VP Biden: Time to Take Back America!
 By John Lillpop   --American Politics
Biden would do well to limit his participation to funerals and other mundane affairs where his tendency to do really goofy things can be minimized.
Cultivating the Beard Garden
 By Wes Porter   --Life-Pets-Gardens-Food
September Gardening
Democrats Use Corpse of Michael Brown to Troll for Votes!
 By John Lillpop   --American Politics
The Democrat Party is proving that, when it comes to elections, there is no standard of decency which cannot be violated in order to get out the vote for liberal politicians
Bulb-noshing Squirrels, Tulip Origins, Spinach Power
 By Wes Porter   --Life-Pets-Gardens-Food
September Gardening: Spinach gave Popeye super strength, but it also holds the promise of a different power for a group of scientists
Rights group criticizes UN resolution for giving free pass to Baghdad abuses
 By UN Watch   --World News
Sending low-level mission on ISIS
It’s Extortion, Stupid
 By Sarge   --American Politics
Making nothing but a mess of American foreign policy seems to have back-fired at the point of initiation
Mr. President, what about a campaign-style push to talk up America?
 By Marita Noon   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment
Imagine if President Obama had done this—instead of an apology tour
Another Casualty of the Third Gaza War: US-Israel Relations
 By INSS--Oded Eran   --World News
A staged approach to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would also make it possible to include Gaza in this solution
How Cities and Counties Can Free Workers from Bullying Unions
 By Heritage Foundation--James Sherk   --American Politics
Right-to-work laws
Republican leadership lies about being conservative
 By Rolf Yungclas   --American Politics
True conservatism goes against the group mentality that today's Democrat and Republican leaders try to corral us into
Climate Change Claims on the Cheticamp River
 By Sierra Rayne   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment
Climate Change Claims on the Cheticamp River
Yet again, Canadian government agencies make public claims that appear to contrast with their own data.

Three moments that define Obama’s unserious approach to Russia
 By Herman Cain   --American Politics
Three moments that define Obama's unserious approach to Russia

It’s probably a little late at this point to expect Obama to turn into a serious world leader, but at least we can limit the damage by not letting the reset button presser succeed him

Video: Horrifying ‘plague of locusts’ invades Madagascar; people seem to not notice
 By News on the Net   --World News

Peterson Vazquez, My Hispanic Patriot Brother Hero
 By Lloyd Marcus   --American Politics
Vazquez chose the Republican party because it truly is the party for dreamers; people who want more out of life for their families and themselves than food stamps and a free Obama phone
“No bended knee for me” - the Charge against Robert Beecher
 By Gary Hunt   --American Freedom

Leave a Chair for the Angel
 By Father Paul Nicholson   --Christianity - Religion
Your Guardian Angel
Divide and Conquer: A Game of Thrones?
 By Leigh Bravo   --American Politics
It is time for the left and the right to come together as the people of the United States against our common enemy and demand that our government hand us back the keys to the castle
The Undeniable Fact of Moose Jaw’s Unchanging Climate
 By Sierra Rayne   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment
The Undeniable Fact of Moose Jaw's Unchanging Climate
Looking back through the decades, we find lots of variability but very few trends.

California Gov. Brown’s Unwelcome Welcome Mat
 By Arthur Christopher Schaper   --American Politics
Gov. Moonbeam shined on the Vietnamese with a ‘Go Away” sign, but welcomes illegal Mexican immigration
The GAO’s Whitewash on the Social Cost of Carbon
 By Institute for Energy Research   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment
Carbon dioxide, GAO, government accountability office, OMB, social cost of carbon
CCRKBA Chief says Bloomberg, Billionaires trying to buy freedom one right at a time
 By CCRKBA   --Gun Control - Second Amendment
CCRKBA Chief says Bloomberg, Billionaires trying to buy freedom one right at a time
Obama Works to Provide Invaders with Free Attorneys, While ISIL Plans Attack from Mexico!
 By John Lillpop   --American Politics
The insecure border with Mexico now involves a serious terrorist threat that even Barack Obama will be forced to take seriously
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Obama given rise of ISIS Reports a year ago

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