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What's New On CFP Car Pages
Seat Ibiza

 By Tim Saunders

I cannot believe that 30 years has passed.

That’s how long ago the Seat Ibiza was introduced. And boy how things have changed.

Second generation Genesis ups Hyundai’s luxury ante offerings

 By Jim Bray

It’s big, bold and equipped very well, but is Hyundai’s new Genesis sedan enough to lure customers away from the established European and Japanese competition? (click here to open a slideshow in a new tab or window)

Jaguar knocks it out of the park with F-Type Coupe

 By Jim Bray

Welcome home, Jaguar! Your new F-Type coupe is a real tour de force, a luxury sports car to lust after and a legitimate competitor to mighty Porsche. (Click here or on the image to open a slideshow in a new tab or window)

Motoring: Vauxhall Zafira Tourer

 By Tim Saunders

It is still possible to be surprised by car design?

Ford Fusion hybrid wears its green colors proudly - and well

 By Jim Bray

It may look like a James Bond-mobile when you first see it coming at you on the road, but don’t confuse Ford’s Fusion with high end sports cars. Fusion, in all of its guises, is a decidedly mainstream vehicle - almost pedestrian, if you can say that about a car.

Big Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel performs with panache

 By Jim Bray

Jeep’s new Grand Cherokee is a real competitor in the higher end SUV market, big and imposing and comfortable, and with about as much stuff as one could want stuffed into it.

Cash-for-clunkers actually reduced automotive spending, study finds

 By News on the Net

Another study has found that the 2009 Car Allowance Rebate System, also known as “Cash for Clunkers,” may have had a negative long-term impact on the automotive industry.

Nissan Micra-sizes and Micro-prices its entry level car

 By Jim Bray

The smallest Nissan in Canada has been reborn after a several year hiatus, and its new incarnation is a fun little vehicle that packs a lot of punch - as long as you don’t mean “horsepower” - into an affordable package.

MOTORING: Volvo V40 T4

 By Tim Saunders

Hills show a car’s mettle.

I live in an area rich in a variety of differing landscape, which ranges from flat to steep. Just round the corner is a particularly awkward hill for those walking up it or pushing a pushchair. I know. So when I drive many cars up it there are few that actually surprise me in their ability to tackle it.

Camry hybrid: a good car that’s green

 By Jim Bray

The Toyota Camry, a car I’ve seen referred to in the past as “an appliance,” is a world class family sedan that’s comfortable and efficient and undoubtedly as reliable as a wood burning stove. And this current version is even quite attractive and decent to drive. For what more could anyone ask?

Ford’s Focus is sharp in SE trim

 By Jim Bray

Ford is making a decent reputation for building quality vehicles these days - a far cry from when the domestics were fairly or unfairly accused of making junk - and a prime example why is the Focus. This “bread and butter car” competes in a very crowded market niche - everything but the kitchen sink, including the VW Jetta, the Hyundai Elantra, Kia Forte,  Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic and many more - and it goes head to head with some pretty fine vehicles. Obviously, Ford’s work is cut out for it to get this car noticed in such as rapidly improving throng.

Motoring: VW Tiguan

 By Tim Saunders

Families need versatile vehicles.

To that end the Volkswagen Tiguan is an ideal solution. This sports utility vehicle shares similar looks to the larger Tourag.

Lexus RX 350 SPORTDESIGN ups its features and driving experience

 By Jim Bray

Lexus’ top-selling vehicle in Canada gets a new trim level name for 2015, one that should help make it an even more compelling vehicle than it is already. And it was a pretty compelling SUV/Crossover to begin with, comfortable and luxurious and with great resale value.

Toyota RAV4 worth a first - and second - look

 By Jim Bray

Writing about cars is a great gig. You not only get to drive a lot of the latest wheels, you get to drive some of them more than once, and that second chance to live with a car for a few days can change your initial opinion.