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Road test: Bath artist’s Peugeot Symbol campervan

 By Tim Saunders

Campervans provide complete freedom and affordable holidays.

Mighty Panamera 4S a nice way to get around

 By Jim Bray

It may have a downsized engine this year, but the 2014 Porsche Panamera 4S is still one heckuva car, a GT cruiser par excellence.

Suzuki SX4 S-Cross

 By Tim Saunders

First impressions matter. In business it is that care and attention to appearance, dress and general conduct that makes a lasting impression.

Motoring: Nissan Juke

 By Tim Saunders

Eye-catching design at an attractive price.

That’s the combination on offer from Nissan with its Juke, the increasingly fashionable compact sports utility vehicle. There’s no denying it, it’s a great design that from a distance looks like a three door but thanks to cleverly concealed rear door handles it is actually a five door vehicle.

New BMW X5 actively sports its utility

 By Jim Bray

What BMW calls the world’s first Sport Activity Vehicle is back with a third generation model the company says sets the standard for luxury, versatility and driving dynamics yet again.

Motoring: Volvo V40 D3 R-Design

 By Tim Saunders

Laser radar.

It sounds like something off a sci-fi thriller but we’re actually talking about technology fitted to Volvo cars, those traditionally staid and dull vehicles, favoured by the flat cap brigade.
Today’s hip and trendy Volvos are anything but and are packed with sophisticated technology that keeps the brand at the forefront of car design and manufacture. Its laser radar systems are a key ingredient.

Toyota and Lexus offer interesting choices in entry level editions

 By Jim Bray

Toyota’s entry level car is a good little vehicle that’s more fun to drive than you might think. Even with an automatic transmission. Lexus’,  on the other hand, is nice vehicle that could be even nicer if they’d offer a non-hybrid version.

Motoring: Peugeot 5008

 By Tim Saunders

Transporting seven people in comfort can present a problem unless of course you don’t mind Transit vans.

Nissan Altima: efficient, powerful family sedan

 By Jim Bray

It may not get the kind of attention that some of its midsize sedan competition does, but Nissan’s Altima definitely deserves a look - and a test drive - if you’re shopping for a new vehicle in this niche.

Frigid February Fails to Freeze Vehicle Sales

 By News on the Net

TORONTO– Despite another month stuck in the polar vortex, vehicle sales continued to improve in the month of February in spite of the cold weather that was more conducive to consumers cocooning indoors than crowding car dealerships.  Nonetheless, in February overall vehicle sales rose 2.4% compared to February 2013 amidst a rebound of 4.2 points in consumer confidence, according to the Conference Board of Canada.  Total vehicle sales in February were 105,693 units, which continued the longstanding trend of also being higher than the historical 5 year average for monthly sales.  February’s sales were 7% higher than the historical 5 year average for vehicles sales for February of 98,828.

BMW 435i xDrive - ultimate driving but ultimately annoying

 By Jim Bray

Say what you will about BMW’s new naming conventions, the German company still makes vehicles that are terrific to drive.

Toyota Corolla S - a new game for 2014

 By Jim Bray

There’s a reason Toyota’s Corolla has earned its place as one of, if not the, top selling cars in history: throughout its many generations, it has offered consistent value and quality for those whose idea of a great car is reliability and economy.

Special air filter blocks small particles called UFPs from getting inside cars

 By American Chemical Society

While taking in the scenery during long road trips, passengers also may be taking in potentially harmful ultrafine particles (UFPs) that come into the car through outdoor air vents. Closing the vents reduces UFPs, but causes exhaled carbon dioxide to build up. Now, scientists report in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology that installing a newly developed high-efficiency cabin air filter (HECA) could reduce UFP exposure by 93 percent and keep carbon dioxide levels low.

Two great Toyota, Lexus sedans soldier on with few changes for 2014

 By Jim Bray

It appears that both Toyota’s flagship Avalon and Lexus’  mid-line GS sedans have entered 2014 mostly the same as when they were introduced barely a year ago. Fortunately, it isn’t as if they needed a lot of updating, anyway, because they’re both very good vehicles.

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