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Viv Forbes


Viv Forbes, Chairman,The Carbon Sense Coalition, has spent his life working in exploration, mining, farming, infrastructure, financial analysis and political commentary. He has worked for government departments, private companies and now works as a private contractor and farmer.

Viv has also been a guest writer for the Asian Wall Street Journal, Business Queensland and mining newspapers. He was awarded the “Australian Adam Smith Award for Services to the Free Society” in 1988, and has written widely on political, technical and economic subjects.

Viv can be reached at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Let’s Hear How They Will Do It

- Oct 19, 2014
Beyond Zero Emissions

Why the Obama Administration can’t handle Ebola (or anything else)

- Oct 19, 2014
There's a right way to do executive leadership. Obama has no clue what it is.

Health Canada and CBC Television Distort Medical Facts

- Oct 19, 2014
More of us should get mad as hell about asinine bureaucracy

GOD IS LOVE by Alexander, the great poet!

- Oct 19, 2014
The Bible is my Teacher; and the chalk-board, my heart

Latest News On ISIS and Radical Islam

- Oct 19, 2014
Hamas leader's daughter received medical treatment in Israel: sources | Savage women warriors terrifying the jihadis | Nigerian politicians said to be sponsoring Boko Haram | Obama on ISIS: Expect 'long-term campaign' |

Without America there is no free world

- Oct 19, 2014
Obama; a wrecking ball of global proportions

Dying Man Reunited with Beloved Dog Makes Complete Turnaround

- Oct 19, 2014
Tail-wagging love really does conquer all:

Latest American News

- Oct 19, 2014
Obama makes rare campaign trail appearance, people leave early | Florida man revives sick dog with ‘mouth-to-snout’ CPR | Supreme Court allows TX to enforce new voter ID law for November | Woman Sent To Jail For Overgrown Yard |

Obama and the New Ebola Czar

- Oct 19, 2014
Knows Nothing About Medicine

Obama fundraiser’s in the time of Ebola

- Oct 19, 2014
Michelle, Give Me A Kiss Goodbye

Latest News on Ebola and Infectious Diseases

- Oct 19, 2014
Military preps team for Ebola response in US | FDA halts Dallas hospital from using Ebola-screening device | US Troops Who Contract Ebola Will Be Quarantined in Liberia | Canada will send experimental Ebola vaccine to WHO |

Iraqi quagmire

- Oct 19, 2014
ISIS, Canada, terrorism, Stephen Harper

The Republican Party: A Play in the Theater of the Absurd?

- Oct 19, 2014
Ideological conflicts are breaking out in the Republican Party today, where candidates and activists seem to be transforming into RINOs

Angela Merkel Casts Doubt Over EU Climate Summit

- Oct 19, 2014
Britain Needs Political Climate Change To Cut Soaring Energy Bills

A Plague on Both Houses: Insane Ebola Policy Exposes American Suicide Culture

- Oct 19, 2014
"When the Going Gets Weird, The Weird Go Pro"--Hunter S. Thompson

Killing Confidence in Our Government

- Oct 19, 2014
Our confidence in our government must be restored with new leadership.

How has Liberia’s President Responded to Ebola? By Taking Extra Powers

- Oct 19, 2014
Powers to amend seven different articles under the constitution, including freedom of movement, speech, religion, confiscation of private property, and elections

Plympton Wyoming, Ontario, Mayor Lonny Napper, council issue groundbreaking Wind Turbine Noise bylaw

- Oct 18, 2014
“When I took an oath to protect my community, I took it very seriously

Niqab: Is it an affront to democracy?

- Oct 18, 2014
A culture of freedom cannot open its doors to a culture of submission. And make no mistake; this is a question of culture, not religion

The Vatican’s Surprise Move

- Oct 18, 2014
DAILY ROME REPORT: Watch Michael Voris recap the surprisingly good developments today from the Vatican

EBOLA: Lack of Common Sense, Money or Conspiracy?

- Oct 18, 2014
Government corruption, lies makes it impossible to trust our elected officials. Is Ebola is here due to a lack of common sense, preparedness, lack of funds, conspiracy

An Ill Wind working to blow out world light

- Oct 18, 2014
Remember in this darkest of hours that what happened at the Synod does not make the enemies of Mother Church right. It just makes Pope Francis so tragically wrong

Doug Ford Will Beat John Tory in Toronto Mayor Race

- Oct 18, 2014
We shall see history made on October 27th, folks

The CBO has not actually scored ObamaCare’s deficit impact since 2012

- Oct 18, 2014
ObamaCare is now projected to get $262 billion less in (non-coverage-related) revenue

Left Tries to Blame Ebola Crisis on Republicans

- Oct 18, 2014
In an election season, do the liberal mainstream media really care about facts? Or are they desperately seeking any means possible to help the Democrats retain control of the Senate?

Pope Harming The Church

- Oct 17, 2014
Breaking News From Rome: Burke Confirms He’s Been Ousted!

India’s Sanitation Problem

- Oct 17, 2014
Diarrheal diseases kill 700,000 children in India every year

Houston’s mayor is a villain, not a hero

- Oct 17, 2014
Pastor Castano speaks for millions of Americans who are sick and tired of political correctness run amok

The Dangers of Obama Appointees Frightfully Apparent in Their Public Statements

- Oct 17, 2014
Incredibly high degree of utter stupidity that is so rampant in the Obama Administration

Obama’s Deadly Ebola Lies

- Oct 17, 2014
Obama seems to forget that his chief duty under the Constitution is to protect the American people

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