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Jerry McConnell


Jerry McConnell is a longtime resident of planet earth with one half century on the seacoast of NH.  He is a community activist but promises not to run for President and he feeds ACORN’s to the squirrels.  He can be emailed at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with complaints or the editor at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with favorables.

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Terrorists Thrive on Deaths - Anybody’s Except Fellow Islamists

- Oct 22, 2014
Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was fatally shot at the War Memorial in Ottawa

Amnesty for 34 Million Illegal Aliens

- Oct 22, 2014
One thing is certain, once the cards are issued, the already dire unemployment figures among America’s blue collar workers are going to balloon and the welfare rolls are going to swell

Shooting in Canada’s Parliament building

- Oct 22, 2014
Shooter identified | Soldier killed Identified | Gunman killed, others still sought | Canada Parliament Locked Down After 'Multiple Gunmen' Attack Ottawa

No Ebola Panic Despite Media Hysteria

- Oct 22, 2014
The outcome of the midterm elections will have a dramatic effect on Obama’s ability to continue his destruction of the U.S. economy and other policies.

The UN’s got the money, the UN’s got the water

- Oct 22, 2014
Message to Detroit:

Democrats to Use Gentle Giant Memories to “Get Out the Vote”?

- Oct 22, 2014
Can Michael Brown’s death save the US Senate for Harry Reid and Barack Obama?

We Will Not Comply: California Forces Churches to Directly Fund Abortions

- Oct 22, 2014
Pledge for the Preservation of Life and Liberty

Clarification by Michael Voris on Pope Francis

- Oct 22, 2014
An important statement about 'The Pope Harming The Church', and the situation underlying it.

Latest News On ISIS and Radical Islam

- Oct 22, 2014
Infant Dead, Pedestrians Hurt as Hamas Terrorist Rams Train Station in Jerusalem | Suspect in attack on 2 soldiers in Quebec 'had become radicalized' | Prevent Hamas Re-Arming Before Investing in Gaza | U.S. Humanitarian Aid Going to ISIS |

Canadians shocked at shooting incident in Ottawa

- Oct 22, 2014
Police investigating attack on Parliament Hill

Steve Emerson: Ottawa Attack A Wake-Up Call for Canada, US

- Oct 22, 2014
"It's clear it was a terrorist attack, the only question is, who perpetrated it"

Rep. Steve King: Obama Executive Order on Amnesty ‘On the Way’

- Oct 22, 2014
Obama will follow through on his “promise and threat” to “violate the constitution"

Bad news for Dems: New AP poll shows women leaning GOP for midterms

- Oct 22, 2014
Looks like 'War on Women' may be a political loser...

Just about everyone newly insured under ObamaCare is on Medicaid

- Oct 22, 2014
Welfare state.

Desperation in Georgia: If you don’t want another Ferguson, you’ll vote for Democrats

- Oct 22, 2014

Low Oil Prices Hurting U.S. Shale Operations

- Oct 22, 2014
Rig counts are starting to drop, but due to the long lead time for most oil projects, it could be a while before production begins to decline in a significant way

Artist not taking anymore commissions for Christmas!

- Oct 22, 2014
Georgina Gibbons

Frank Gaffney and Doug Feith analyze Iraqi WMD scandal

- Oct 22, 2014
Critics of the war were not contradicted by the white house so the "lie" was perpetuated

Getting pithy

- Oct 22, 2014
Our local, regional and national representatives (at all levels of government) might need to be pithed

ACS Ebola resources available to journalists

- Oct 22, 2014
Scientists play a major part in stemming any infectious disease outbreak, including the current one

Olive oil more stable and healthful than seed oils for frying food

- Oct 22, 2014
There's yet another reason to like olive oil — it stands up to the heat of frying.

Interesting facts about our favorite candy to mark National Chemistry Week

- Oct 22, 2014
Gummies contain flavor, sugar and a seaweed chemical called carrageenan, which makes them chewy

First global social network for doctors

- Oct 22, 2014
‘The ability to have discussions on medical and paramedical issues between physicians all over the world is very exciting,’ says Israeli neurosurgeon.

The Real Story on How Much ObamaCare Increased Coverage

- Oct 22, 2014
Our key findings are that in the first half of 2014

German Industry Issues Stark Warning Ahead Of EU Climate Summit

- Oct 22, 2014
Eastern Europe Attacks EU’s Unilateral CO2 Plans

Ontario government contracts can be changed or cancelled through legislation

- Oct 22, 2014
Not the ironclad agreements they appear to be

Skin patch could replace the syringe for disease diagnosis

- Oct 22, 2014
For some diagnostic tests, drawing blood by syringe could someday be replaced by a simple skin patch.

Latest World News

- Oct 22, 2014
Gunmen open fire at Canadian Parliament building; soldier down, 1 shooter possibly on loose | Canada Post shuns Canadian companies for U.S. mailbox manufacturer | Pope to visit Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia in Turkey |

Latest American News

- Oct 22, 2014
No good reason to oppose voter ID | Scott Brown Nails Shaheen on Immigration | Told He Wouldn’t Live Long: They Rejected Abortion | Voting Machine in Chicago Hardwired to Vote Democrat | Feds Getting Ready for Executive Action on Immigration |

Earthquakes- Earth’s Common Problem- Revisited

- Oct 22, 2014
Surviving times of trouble

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