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CTF Pleased Most Reserves Have Abided by New Transparency Law

- Nov 27, 2014
The disclosure of chief and council pay information and band financial statements will help band members hold their elected officials accountable

Being Thankful for the Left

- Nov 27, 2014
We face a hard fight, not only for our freedom, but the freedom of the world. The international left has made America its special project

Gauntlet is thrown; Obama spurns the People, Congress

- Nov 27, 2014
We could allow each new "authorization" from the Oval Office scofflaw to undermine our nation, or we could meet the challenge by effectively applying our Constitution

Illegal Alien Benefit Free-for-All

- Nov 27, 2014
How Obama’s amnesty will give non-citizen law-breakers access to a “wide array” of programs — and an advantage in the job market.

What’s Next?

- Nov 27, 2014
As we discard our freedom for the shabby paternalistic embrace of a fuzzy warm Progressive dystopia our newly legalized guests will feel right at home.

Rush Revere and ‘Liberty’ return American History to its Rightful Place

- Nov 27, 2014
Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas, Rush and Kathryn Limbaugh, for returning to America’s children, parents and grandparents the best gift of them all--pride in America’s noble history!

Kobane: “a martyred town, a symbolic Town”

- Nov 27, 2014
Kobane symbolizes Turkish duplicity

The Simple Faith of Humble Men

- Nov 27, 2014
Then yet a thousand times more thankful should our people be for this nation’s bounteous wealth, her strength and liberty

So much to be thankful for even while fighting for our lives and country

- Nov 27, 2014
We have so much to be thankful for America. Let us not forget it.

VIDEO: Obama brags that he ‘changed the law’ on immigration

- Nov 27, 2014
So much for mere "prosecutorial discretion".

Ted Cruz: Romney, Christie, and Bush are going to run - and they’ll lose in the general

- Nov 27, 2014
If the GOP runs a "squishy" candidate like Romney or Bush in the general election, it will be over before it starts. The base will stay home and the party will get slaughtered.

Obama: You’re not allowed an opinion on immigration unless you’re Native American.

- Nov 27, 2014
So shut up unless you agree....

White House stuffs 3,400 new regulations into your Thanksgiving turkey

- Nov 27, 2014
Have a safe and compliant holiday, suckers.

Why “Grid Parity” is a Meaningless Concept

- Nov 26, 2014
Even if solar achieves a break-even cost with conventional sources, grid parity is only part of what is needed for an alternative source to be a true contributor on the grid

Attorneys Defend the Nativity: Expression of Faith on Public Property Constitutional

- Nov 26, 2014
Thomas More Society Legal Experts Uphold Private Citizens' Right to Celebrate Christmas in the Public Square

SAF Compels Utah City To Roll Back Gun Laws

- Nov 26, 2014
“We’re delighted that officials in Park City unanimously approved repealing the conflicting regulations

Don’t Force People to Work on Thanksgiving. Shop the Sales Later

- Nov 26, 2014
Let’s help a brother (and a sister) out. Wait until Black Friday.

Artist’s right hand is insured for £1m

- Nov 26, 2014
Pollyanna Pickering

Pushback to Harper Bashing: Enviro Assessments draw Eco-Radicals Ire

- Nov 26, 2014
We can’t build a jobs economy around a foundation core of eco-radical protests, it has to be based on real world finance and markets

TAXPAYER ALERT:  Big Wind Urging Congress for Yet Another Bailout

- Nov 26, 2014
Our government should NOT be in the business of picking and choosing the winners and losers in the energy marketplace

Latest American News

- Nov 26, 2014
White House Visitor Logs Show Dozens of Visits by Top Abortion Activists | Student committee pushes for ‘gender-neutral’ bathrooms | New Obamacare Rule Means You Won’t Know if You’re Paying for Abortions |

Latest News on Border Crisis and Immigration

- Nov 26, 2014
Obama's Executive Amnesty: Dragging Schools Down Academically? | Obama: Americans Have No Right To Favor Americans | The ICE Guide To Avoiding Deportation In Five Easy Steps |

Latest News from Ferguson, Missouri

- Nov 26, 2014
Police Brace For 3rd Night Of Protestors Across LA In Michael Brown Case | Ferguson Fuels Unrest in America But Israel is Blamed | The Foul Stench of the Ferguson Fallout | Feds Investigate Fire At Michael Brown Sr.’s Church In Ferguson |

Latest News on China

- Nov 26, 2014
Troubled Skies Above the East China Sea | Chinese strategic capabilities expanding, a US government report warns | Chinese appliances are shipping with malware-distributing WiFi chips | China’s Cyber Attacks Cost U.S. Trillions |

Confront the Evil - Directly

- Nov 26, 2014
The only effective way to engage evil is bravely and honestly.

Santa in Dress Blues

- Nov 26, 2014
Marine Toys for Tots Foundation

Pig-headed BDS Movement

- Nov 26, 2014
Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement backfires in South Africa

Latest Military News

- Nov 26, 2014
UK orders first operational F-35 combat aircraft | Chinese strategic capabilities expanding, a US government report warns | Laser weapon breaks cover on USS Ponce | Brazil requires 'at least' 108 Gripen fighters |

A Thanksgiving Place Setting for Pastor Saeed will be Set Up in Front of the White House on Thanksgi

- Nov 26, 2014
The Christian Defense Coalition and Church on the Hill will Set Up a Thanksgiving Place Setting for Pastor Saeed in Front of the White House on Pennsylvania Ave. at 11:00 a.m. on Thanksgiving Morning

Obama: ‘No sympathy at all’ for rioters

- Nov 26, 2014
Then why is he proposing to give them what they want?

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