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Where will YOU eat your apples and honey this Rosh Hashana?

- Sep 15, 2014
Jewish New Year

EU Dismantles Climate Commission Amid Economic Struggles

- Sep 15, 2014
Climate Agenda - The Biggest Loser Of The New EU Commission

Fight Liberal Progressivism

- Sep 15, 2014
Political correctness

Scottish Independence & William’s Coronation

- Sep 15, 2014
William's Scottish Coronation would help to effectively bind the relations of these two nations for the years to come

Crony Capitalism or Just Big Government Growing More Government?

- Sep 15, 2014
Secret meetings. Back room deal making. Crony capitalism. Private reports from government favored informers. Is this your government being open and transparent?

Scotland: more manipulations

- Sep 14, 2014
Deadly Wind Turbines and Avian Wildlife

Definition of war

- Sep 13, 2014
Insurgency, military

Big Mama’s lunch decree dumps parents’ rights in garbage can

- Sep 12, 2014
Washington always hungers for power, but these federal meal standards aren’t fit for public consumption. They need to be scrapped.

Eleven top Israeli innovations to treat, seal and heal wounds

- Sep 12, 2014
New wound-care products are easing patients’ pain and winning fans among healthcare providers worldwide.

Brussels Anti-Green Purge

- Sep 12, 2014
New EU Leaders Neuter Green Lobby

Survey: Overwhelming Majority Of Conservative MPs Are Climate Sceptics

- Sep 10, 2014
Indian Prime Minister: “Climate Has Not Changed. We Have Changed”

Rob Ford and why he will be re-elected

- Sep 9, 2014

Executive Order Amnesty

- Sep 7, 2014
November Elections

Obama mouthpieces, Media Puppets

- Sep 6, 2014
The important stories keep breaking but none are resolved

The Dwindling of the Middle Class

- Sep 6, 2014
Disposable income shrinking daily.

What I did on my summer vacation – another climatologist’s perspective

- Sep 5, 2014
We should celebrate fossil fuels, not condemn them

Global Temperature Drops Below IPCC Projection Range

- Sep 5, 2014
Antarctic Sea Ice Sets New Record

“Bank of Boeing” exists for Big Biz; small fries get short shrift

- Sep 4, 2014
The justifications for extending the Export-Import Bank’s charter keep changing, but the winners and losers remain the same

UN Warning: Most Nations Have Failed To Ratify Kyoto Protocol Extension

- Sep 4, 2014
Britain Handed EU Climate And Energy Portfolio In Draft Juncker Commission Line-Up

LEADING SCIENTISTS are concerned that a new threat may be posed by wind turbines

- Sep 3, 2014
A threat that could damage our ears known as ‘Vibro-Acoustic Disease’.

Heart research sheds light on breast cancer

- Sep 3, 2014
Study: A protein called Erbin plays a role in abnormal heart enlargement, which is one side effect of a common drug to treat breast cancer.

New guy wanna-be Prime Minister

- Sep 3, 2014
Trudeau’s economic delusional agenda

No Show: World Leaders To Skip UN Climate Summit

- Sep 3, 2014
UN’s Green Agenda A Chaotic Mess, New Report

US IS history 101-A+B (Depends how IS gets defined)

- Sep 2, 2014
In Summery

The Scum Bucket Challenge

- Sep 2, 2014
Legitimizing abortion

President Obama Putting Americans in Harm’s Way

- Sep 2, 2014
A dangerous avoidance of the oath of office

Foreign Policy of Procrastination

- Aug 31, 2014
To deter and defeat aggression in the world, the U.S. has to provide global leadership

The Trouble With Obama’s Non-Binding UN Climate Plan?

- Aug 29, 2014
It has already been tried, and it failed

Add this to the myth list

- Aug 28, 2014
Legalizing marijuana

Go further! Get the federal government out of the road business altogether

- Aug 28, 2014
Instead of introducing new electronic methods for charging road users, the federal government should step aside, phase out federal fuel taxes, and allow the states to develop new road pricing systems

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