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Paul Driessen


Paul Driessen is a senior fellow with the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow and Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise, nonprofit public policy institutes that focus on energy, the environment, economic development and international affairs. Paul Driessen is author of Eco-Imperialism: Green power, Black death

Paul Can be reached at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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EPA’s next regulatory tsunami

- Nov 16, 2014
Trillions of dollars in ozone compliance and economic stagnation costs, for fabricated benefits

Jobs, prosperity and security via oil exports

- Nov 10, 2014
Ending the antiquated ban on oil exports will also spur US production and keep oil prices low

The Obama War on Pipelines

- Nov 1, 2014
Expedite wind and solar – but block coal, oil, gas, pipelines, jobs and economic recovery

It’s rarely about the environment anymore

- Oct 25, 2014
It's about slashing our energy use, free enterprise, job creation, living standards and freedoms

Curbing Obama Power Grabs

- Oct 21, 2014
The courts and Senate provide no checks and balances. Could a Republican Senate help?

We need some regulatory patriotism!

- Oct 12, 2014
Obama condemns tax inversions, but pillages America with his regulatory agenda--"My policies are on the ballot, every single one of them,"

RFK, Jr. wants me jailed…as a war criminal!

- Oct 5, 2014
Perhaps he should serve time for eco-manslaughter and crimes against humanity?

Breaking Russia’s energy stranglehold

- Sep 30, 2014
Europe cannot afford to have its foreign and domestic policies dictated by Putin's blackmail

Protect the poor—from climate change policies

- Sep 26, 2014
Cornwall Alliance works to ensure reliable, affordable energy for poor families worldwide

What really drives anti-fracking zealots?

- Sep 22, 2014
They want to end fossil fuels and capitalism, control our lives and impose eco-utopia

EPA’s phony “environmental justice” caper

- Sep 8, 2014
EPA’s real agenda: empire, control, and inverted justice for poor and minority families

Obama AWOL again – on energy terrorism

- Sep 1, 2014
The president fails to prepare for anything, except vacation, golf and climate change

Trampling on Coal Country families

- Aug 19, 2014
Obama and EPA are determined to destroy US coal, people's lives and welfare be damned

“Climate-smart” policies for Africa are stupid, and immoral

- Aug 10, 2014
Obama-Kerry policies would perpetuate energy poverty, malnutrition, disease and death

Who’s really waging the ‘war on science’?

- Jul 28, 2014
When it comes to attacking climate scientists, the alarmist Left has the market cornered

Killing marine life with ethanol

- Jul 21, 2014
Ethanol damages your cars, small engines, food budget – and kills Gulf of Mexico animals

Greenpeace showcases its anti-human side

- Jul 16, 2014
Greenpeace activist confirms every negative story you've ever read about this activist group

Holding Greenpeace accountable

- Jul 5, 2014
Poor countries should hold Big Green groups and directors liable for deaths, ravage they cause

Breaking EPA’s climate science secrecy barriers

- Jul 2, 2014
FOIA request seeks hidden data and analyses that agency claims back up its climate rulings

Executive fiats in the other Washington

- Jun 23, 2014
Two western state governors intend to get low carbon fuel standards, by legislation or decree

Fixing our dictatorial EPA

- Jun 19, 2014
EPA, White House and activists must no longer deceive America and rule by executive fiat

Hollywood’s hydrocarbon hypocrisy

- Jun 9, 2014
Anti-fracking fervor underscores dismissive attitudes toward working classes and poor families

Just Assume We Have a Climate Crisis

- Jun 1, 2014
Impose job-killing policies on the assumption that we’re causing a CO2-driven catastrophe

The loony anti-Keystone campaign

- May 19, 2014
It is the symbol of Big Green's diehard opposition to hydrocarbons and modern living standards

Manmade climate disruption—the hype and reality

- May 11, 2014
Distractions, agendas, false realities, and policies that bring much harm but few benefits

Should California dictate US energy policies?

- Apr 27, 2014
Can the rest of America afford its Alice in Wonderland energy policies for? (Can California afford them?)

Tower of Pisa policies

- Apr 21, 2014
Using lies to shore up policies built on shaky foundations of climate, peak oil and sustainability

Perils of commercial beekeeping

- Apr 6, 2014
Honeybees pollinate crops but endure stress, parasites and disease. Solutions are coming

More fraudulent science from EPA

- Mar 30, 2014
Finalized Tier 3 gasoline sulfur rules will bring bogus benefits at high health and welfare price

US electricity system in regulatory and terrorist crosshairs

- Mar 23, 2014
EPA and other agencies pile on costs and delays, as saboteurs reveal acute vulnerabilities

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