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Warner Todd Huston’s thoughtful commentary, sometimes irreverent often historically based, is featured on many websites such as,,,,, and, among many, many others. He has also written for several history magazines, has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows and appears in the new book “Americans on Politics, Policy and Pop Culture,” which can be purchased on He is also the owner and operator of Publius’ Forum.

Warner can be reached at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Obama Pulls Obamacare ‘Success’ Rug Out From Under Democrat Sales Pitch - Feb 11, 2014

New York Anti-Gun Zealot Arrested for Taking Gun to School, Wants Absolution - Feb 10, 2014

Catherine Engelbrecht’s Testimony at House of Representatives Hearing on IRS Targeting - Feb 9, 2014

A Canadian Warns America NOT To Register Our Guns - Jan 12, 2014

Little Girls Kicked Out of Grocery Store for ‘Offending’ Customers With Christmas Carols - Dec 13, 2013

Senator Ted Cruz: I’m Not in D.C. to ‘Make 99 New Friends’ - Oct 21, 2013

Obama Lies: Shutdown Fears Mirrors Blather About Bailout/Stimulus/Sequester Fears - Oct 2, 2013

Florida School Calls Pre-Teen, Athletic Girl a Fatty in Letter Home - Sep 30, 2013

VISA Credit Card Company Refuses Business of Firearms Store - Sep 30, 2013

GOP’s Huelskamp Schools Al Sharpton: If Obamacare is so Great How Come Congress is Exempting I - Sep 29, 2013

Colorado Dem Senators Get Recalled, PPP Polling Throws Out Own Poll Foreshadowing Results - Sep 12, 2013

Federal Court Says Using ‘N’ Word at Work is Illegal Even if You’re Black - Sep 4, 2013

Obama Administration Now Harassing the American Legion With IRS Intimidation - Sep 3, 2013

Citing Obamacare, 40,000 Longshoremen Quit the AFL-CIO - Sep 2, 2013

Duck Dynasty: We’re Using Hollywood to Spread Christian Values - Aug 28, 2013

Sen. Inhofe: MSNBC Conspiring With Obama White House, EPA, & Organizing for Action on Global Warming - Aug 21, 2013

New York Bans in Schools Words Like: Gun, Dinosaur, War, Disease - Aug 14, 2013

CNN & NBC’s Close Ties to Obama, Anita Dunn, Bob Bauer and IRS Intimidation - Aug 11, 2013

Obama: Country Would Be ‘Better Off’ If More Worked for Government - Aug 2, 2013

Obama’s New ‘Nudge Squad’ To Secretly Push You to Do His Bidding - Jul 31, 2013

Pro-Jihad, Al Jazeera Causes Scene at Pro-Christian Conference - Jul 29, 2013

George Zimmerman’s Brother Better on Race Than Obama - Jul 22, 2013

Al Jazeera Employees Resign Over Network Siding with Muslim Brotherhood - Jul 18, 2013

Two Hero Teens Save Kidnapped Girl - Jul 17, 2013

Zimmerman’s Lawyer Going After NBC News ‘ASAP’ - Jul 17, 2013

Facebook Blocks Fox News Reporter Starnes Over ‘Politically Incorrect’ Gun Post - Jul 3, 2013

Big Three Networks Have Stopped Reporting on IRS Scandal - Jun 18, 2013

Obama Solutions: ‘Rogue IRS Agent’ Promoted - Jun 4, 2013

Propaganda: NPR Incorrectly Claims IRS Has Nothing to do With Obamacare - May 29, 2013

CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson Reports She’s Been Shut Out By White House - May 25, 2013

Triage: Obama Summons Media Lapdogs to Secret White House Meeting - May 21, 2013

Liberal Laughing that ‘Conservatives’ Were Targeted by Oklahoma Tornado Today - May 21, 2013

Rush Limbaugh Does Live in Obama’s Head - May 20, 2013

Was the 2013 ‘Photo of the Year’ a Photoshopped Fake? - May 19, 2013

Mom of Slain Son Bids Hillary Clinton a Happy Mother’s Day - May 12, 2013

Another Example of How Our Miseducation System is Failing Our Kids - Apr 29, 2013

CNN Builds a ‘Pressure Cooker Bomb,’ Tells Viewers How ‘Easy & Cheap’ They a - Apr 25, 2013

New York Times Defends Non-Coverage of Gosnell Trial, Says Trial is Meaningless - Apr 24, 2013

Resident Admits Tsarnaev’s Hate For US is Typical in Cambridge - Apr 24, 2013

Dear TV, I Don’t Care About Your ‘Reality’ - Apr 22, 2013

The Corruption of Big Spending Democrats - Apr 21, 2013

Obama’s Budget Would Use Tax $$ to Fund Lobbyists Pushing Tax Hikes - Apr 17, 2013

The CA Bill That Would Shut Down Every Small Restaurant - Apr 14, 2013

Supernanny Cass Sunstein’s Friendly Paternalism: It is For Your Own Good, America - Apr 13, 2013

America’s Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, Stands Alone Against Unions And Outsiders in Recall Effort - Apr 11, 2013

Obama’s Political Action Group Loses Complaint Against Website Address Owner - Apr 10, 2013

Ohio State Student Stomps Pro-Life Signs in Race-Tinged Rant - Apr 9, 2013

CNN Opinion ‘You are a Bigot if You Oppose Gay Marriage’ - Apr 2, 2013

Colt Firearms Threatens to Leave Connecticut Over Strict Gun Laws - Mar 26, 2013

VIDEO: Rep. Rick Santorum Talks About Pope Francis and The Media Bias - Mar 26, 2013

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