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Arnold was an op-ed columist with the NY Post for eight years, currently writing for and Arnold can be reached at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Gaza Flotilla Terrorists Set Sail Again

- Jul 29, 2014
Turkey revives its jihadist attack on Israel.

The Long-Awaited Investigation into Alexander V. Litvinenko’s Murder

- Jul 25, 2014
Formal inquiry finally launched into the killing of a KGB-agent-turned-dissident

House Border Crisis Plan: DOA

- Jul 24, 2014
For the Left, maintaining the chaos is preferable to the solution

ObamaCare’s Murky Future

- Jul 23, 2014
The unpopular law narrowly avoids a disastrous blow — but for how long?

Texas to Take Action on Obama’s Border Crisis

- Jul 22, 2014
Gov. Perry sends a message to Central America — and the White House.

A Grand Opportunity for the Grand Old Party

- Jul 21, 2014
Democrats have always been about party first and everything and everyone else, second, even if the nation is harmed in the process

Atrocity Over Ukraine

- Jul 18, 2014
A surface-to-air missile massacres 295 people on a Malaysia Airlines jetliner.

Dinesh D’Souza Tells the True Story of America

- Jul 17, 2014
“America” demolishes the Left’s false narrative of the United States.

The Obama Administration’s Human Trafficking

- Jul 11, 2014
U.S. Border Patrol takes over where the human smugglers leave off.

Obama Fundraises as the Border Disintegrates

- Jul 9, 2014
The president’s two-faced game of decrying the border crisis while making it worse.

Part-Time Nation

- Jul 8, 2014
A deceptive jobs report obscures the dark truth about the Obama economy

ObamaCare: A ‘Signature Achievement’ of Unaccountable Bureaucracy

- Jul 4, 2014
Massive amounts of “inconsistent data” remain irreconcilable.

The VA Scandal Gets Deadlier

- Jun 26, 2014
A report by Sen. Tom Coburn reveals the disturbing truth

Detroit: How the Left Made Water More Expensive Than Cell Phones

- Jun 24, 2014
Progressives’ cruel assault on the poor, unmasked.

Saddam’s WMDs: The Left’s Iraq Lies Exposed

- Jun 23, 2014
Where is the apology to the Bush administration?

Hope and Change Has Crashed and Burned

- Jun 19, 2014
Obama’s approval rating nosedives.

Who Lost Iraq?

- Jun 13, 2014
Why Obama and the Democratic Party own the crisis in Iraq

Education Victory in California: Teacher Tenure Ruled Unconstitutional

- Jun 11, 2014
The court decision sending teachers unions across the country into a tailspin

Taliban Rising

- Jun 7, 2014
Why the terrorist organization is so elated over the Bergdahl exchange.

Terrorist Groups Rise 58% Since 2010

- Jun 5, 2014
A new report destroys the Obama administration’s claim that terrorism is “on the run.”

Gitmo: Closing Up Shop?

- Jun 4, 2014
What the Bergdahl fiasco may be foreshadowing

Obama’s Environmentalist Attack on America

- Jun 3, 2014
The devastating consequences of the president’s unilateral enactment of cap-and-trade.

A Pathetic Prisoner Exchange

- Jun 2, 2014
America now negotiates with terrorists

Can Americans Be Trusted to Oversee School Lunches Themselves?

- May 29, 2014
First Lady Michelle Obama gives us the answer

Horror in Pakistan: Pregnant Woman Stoned by Family

- May 28, 2014
The latest in a rash of atrocities against women in the Muslim world

The Race Card Is Still Maxed Out

- May 27, 2014
I'm not buying such pyscho-babble garbage

The Meaning of the European Elections

- May 27, 2014
It remains to be seen if Americans will reject our own version of top-down bureaucracy populated by a tone-deaf ruling class

The VA Scandal: A Shadow over Memorial Day

- May 26, 2014
The Left’s message to our veterans: don’t hold your breath for accountability.

Hillary Stacks the Benghazi Select Committee

- May 23, 2014
The Democratic establishment isn’t out to find the truth. It’s out to protect Hillary

Amnesty By Any Means Necessary

- May 22, 2014
Obama takes threats to abuse his executive powers to a new level

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