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Latest News on Ebola and Infectious Diseases

- Oct 21, 2014
Rwanda Starts Testing American Visitors for Ebola | US cautiously optimistic after no new Ebola in 5 days | Ebola outbreak: How Nigeria is beating the killer virus | Canada urged to cancel Ebola vaccine licence, transfer rights to bigger company |

ISIS Video: America’s Air Dropped Weapons Now in Our Hands

- Oct 21, 2014
U.S. humanitarian aid was flowing into ISIS controlled areas near Kobani by truck

Latest News On ISIS and Radical Islam

- Oct 21, 2014
Suspect in attack on 2 soldiers in Quebec 'had become radicalized' | Prevent Hamas Re-Arming Before Investing in Gaza | U.S. Humanitarian Aid Going to ISIS | Hamas leader's daughter received medical treatment in Israel: sources |

Statement By The Prime Minister Of Canada

- Oct 21, 2014
The Death Of A Canadian Armed Forces Member In Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Quebec

Lonely Planet Says Ireland one of the Best in Travel for 2015

- Oct 21, 2014
Ireland should be on everyone’s must-visit list

The Humpty Dumpty Ego – PsychTests’ Study Reveals The Fragility Of The Narcissist’

- Oct 21, 2014
Research by shows that the high self-esteem of narcissists is a mask, highly vulnerable to criticism and failure.

Paralysed man Darek Fidyka walks again after pioneering surgery

- Oct 21, 2014
Medical team regrow cells of patient’s severed spine in breakthrough that offers hope to millions with disability

Latest American News

- Oct 21, 2014
Told He Wouldn’t Live Long: They Rejected Abortion | Voting Machine in Chicago Hardwired to Vote Democrat | Feds Getting Ready for Executive Action on Immigration | US troops get just 4 hours of Ebola training |

Latest World News

- Oct 21, 2014
Millions in Social Security for expelled Nazis | The extraordinary political rise of Dr Grace Mugabe | Coast guard tethers to disabled Russian cargo ship off B.C. coast | The British Government Has Essentially Legalized Assisted Suicide |

Latest Military News

- Oct 21, 2014
Islamic State looking to field captured Syrian jets| PLAN commissions fourth Dahua-class vessel | EASA weighs up civil certification of Airbus UAV | Belarus developing new RPG | AUSA 2014: Army outlines upcoming combat vehicle choices |

Resource guides engaged voters to placement in their local poll

- Oct 20, 2014
2014 Poll Watcher Training Guide

Latest News on Border Crisis and Immigration

- Oct 20, 2014
Up to 34 MILLION blank 'green cards' and work permits to be ordered ahead of Obama illegal immigrant 'amnesty' | United Nations pushes for illegal aliens to be called refugees

NIGERIA: Christian Villages Ruthlessly Attacked by Militants

- Oct 16, 2014
Persecution and Prayer Alert, Voice of the Martyrs

Video: Lawmaker presses CDC chief on opposition to Ebola travel ban

- Oct 16, 2014
Rep. Upton: If other countries are banning travel to and from West Africa, why isn't US government?

U.S. Senator Pat Roberts:” I’m Convinced IRS scandal Links to Valerie Jarrett”

- Oct 16, 2014
Hugh Hewitt Interview with Kansas U.S. Senator Pat Roberts

Obama: ‘I Shook Hands with, Hugged, and Kissed…a Couple of Nurses’ at Ebola Hospital

- Oct 16, 2014
Speaking in the White House Cabinet Room

Latest News on China

- Oct 16, 2014
Chinese company hacks into NSA | Why is the US Navy practising for war with China? | Activist Chen Guangcheng: Chinese gov't more dangerous than ISIS | China Military Buildup Shifts Balance of Power in Asia in Beijing’s Favor | China’s Gendercide |

Pension Reform - Who Controls our Retirement Future?

- Oct 15, 2014
Perhaps it is time for those who think they know better to take a look at the facts of reality and instead of blocking reform, work towards real options

Catholic Civil Rights League (CCRL) argues appeal tomorrow at Supreme Court of Canada

- Oct 14, 2014
Physician-assisted Death Case

The Supreme Court must uphold legal protections for every Canadian

- Oct 14, 2014
Euthanasia has expanded to include people with depression, people with psychiatric problems, people with dementia, teenagers and other incompetent people

Video: Big gov’t hurting small business? Rick Harrison weighs in

- Oct 14, 2014
'Pawn Stars' star on 'Fox & Friends'

Video: North Korea’s Kim Jong Un resurfaces

- Oct 14, 2014
After vanishing from the public eye for nearly six weeks, state media releases new pictures of reclusive leader

Video: Dr. Manny says CDC director should resign

- Oct 14, 2014
Criticism mounts over agency's Ebola response

Video: Cybersecurity Expert Gary Miliefsky

- Oct 13, 2014
Flashlight Apps

Is Obama a Socialist? Also, What’s a Socialist?

- Oct 13, 2014
Interestingly enough, their definitions sound very similar to some of the ways in which they describe President Obama

Surgeons use 3D-printed heart to save life of 2-week-old baby

- Oct 13, 2014
With this technique, it was like we had a road map to guide us. We were able to repair the baby’s heart with one operation.”

The Rise of the Islamic State: The Strategic Surprise

- Oct 13, 2014
The US intelligence community will likely continue to find it difficult to confront ISIS

CDC director: Second case of Ebola in US result of ‘breach of protocol’

- Oct 12, 2014
Frieden said the preliminary test indicates the levels of the virus are low in the nurse's system

Video: ‘Mass migration’ fears if Ebola hits Central America

- Oct 12, 2014
Warning from US general prompts new calls to secure US border

Video: Dr. Gil Mobley on why the CDC is ‘lying’ about Ebola

- Oct 12, 2014
Physician explains his stance

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