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The surprising duo behind the Hamas missile map

- Jul 23, 2014
A Belgian-Israeli Jew and a Dutch Muslim developed Israel Under Attack, a new computer tool for mapping rocket trajectories from Gaza.

Obama and big government

- Jul 23, 2014
IRS, Benghazi, ObamaCare, open borders, illegal alien invasion, VA system

Deep Oceans Cooling For The Past 20 Years

- Jul 23, 2014
Britain Won’t Sign New Climate Treaty Unless China, India Agree CO2 Caps

As Russia’s Isolation Grows, Oil Companies Caught in Middle

- Jul 22, 2014
Swept up in the international crisis are the major oil companies – BP and ExxonMobil – who fear their bottom line taking a big hit from Russia’s growing isolation

America: Help Our Veterans

- Jul 17, 2014
Veterans Affairs scandalous indiscretions

Bergdahl trade

- Jul 17, 2014
Nothing else makes sense.

Invasion on the U.S. southern border

- Jul 17, 2014
Government not protecting citizens

Australia Becomes First Developed Nation to Repeal Carbon Tax

- Jul 17, 2014
Tony Abbott’s Victory As Aussies Repeal Carbon Tax

Fifteen things you didn’t know about the Iron Dome

- Jul 16, 2014
Israel’s anti-missile defense system has a 90 percent success rate. Betcha didn’t know there are toy car parts behind its features.

Reshuffle & UK Climate Policy

- Jul 16, 2014
Getting Rid Of The 'Green Crap'?

Who is running the country anyway?

- Jul 15, 2014
Supreme court rulings are unacceptable judicial activism

Looking for the Next Oil Boom? Follow the Tech

- Jul 15, 2014
Regardless of pipeline capacity, Permian Basin crude is shaping up to be the next big oil boom thanks to new technology

Divide and conquer

- Jul 14, 2014
A fight with our own government

Media blackout of “unaccompanies minors”

- Jul 14, 2014
Medical staffs are muzzled

BBC Wobbles On Ban For Sceptics

- Jul 14, 2014
Climate Sceptics ‘Must Be Heard On The BBC’, Editor Says

Professor Fritz Vahrenholt Joins GWPF Academic Advisory Council

- Jul 14, 2014
The Global Warming Policy Foundation is pleased to announce that Professor Fritz Vahrenholt has joined the GWPF’s Academic Advisory Council.

Will Obama ever have a presidential library?

- Jul 13, 2014
Hubris breeds arrogance

As we engage in the Fight for Freedom

- Jul 12, 2014
We don't know how, or when--but we can be ready, and doing what we can to peacefully, creatively and courageously bring justice and light

Bus Illegal Aliens to White House

- Jul 11, 2014
Simple solution

BBC In Deep Water Over Climate Change Censorship Row

- Jul 11, 2014
The BBC Is Scared Of Nigel Lawson – And It’s Right To Be

These Are The 5 Countries Most Plagued by Oil Theft

- Jul 9, 2014
Nigeria, Mexico, Iraq, Russia, Indonesia

Gazan children receive life-saving treatment in Tel Aviv

- Jul 9, 2014
Even as the conflict between Israel and Gaza intensifies four Gazan children arrive in Israel for life-saving treatment

Impact of WWI on Middle East

- Jul 9, 2014
The current warfare and volatility in the Middle East reflects a history spanning almost 1500 years.

President campaigning in Texas

- Jul 8, 2014
Illegals a mean to an end

“America” by Dinesh De Souza, pulled from Costco stores as favor for Obama

- Jul 8, 2014
A Letter to Costco about "America: Imagine the World Without Her"

Climate Science Paper Censored By American Meteorological Society Journal

- Jul 8, 2014
Climate Models Confounded As Antarctic Sea Ice Hits New Record High

The BBC Has Lost Its Balance Over Climate Change

- Jul 7, 2014
British Public Want BBC Licence Fee Scrapped

Washington’s PR Nightmare Continues in Murrieta as Residents Turn Back the DHS Buses Again

- Jul 5, 2014
Residents cheered at the victory, but are still prepared to battle on and protest the federal government's forced immigration crisis until a resolution is resolved in Murrieta

Data Deleted From UN Climate Report Highlight Politicization Of Climate Science

- Jul 4, 2014
BBC Programme Criticised For Giving Platform To Climate Sceptic Lord Lawson

Repealing the 22nd Amendment of our Constitution

- Jul 2, 2014
Seeds of self-destruction

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