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Judi McLeod


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Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years’ experience in the print media. A former Toronto Sun columnist, she also worked for the Kingston Whig Standard. Her work has appeared on Rush Limbaugh,, Drudge Report,, and Glenn Beck.

Judi can be emailed at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Ferguson window on Life in America over next two years

- Nov 25, 2014
Reason why America is under siege: Community Organizer who gained the White House in 2008 never grew up to be president

Michelle will ‘guide’ you through Christmas this year

- Nov 24, 2014
Jonathan Gruber dimwits:

Executive Amnesty’s Alinsky-inspired ‘Bishop-gate’

- Nov 23, 2014
The Obama administration was bankrolling America's churches as far back as 2010 in preparation for the November 2014 invasion of American sovereignty

Delusions of Grandeur direct from The King

- Nov 21, 2014
Obama a mad man beyond saving if you run with an ad depicting a crown graphic on the very next day after you sunk the Good Ship America

The same chant haunts the man who will never be king

- Nov 20, 2014

Catching Obama if we can

- Nov 19, 2014
It’s six years on, and America is still under the control of a poseur who picked his name out of thin air

Nothing much to ‘like’ about political tool Facebook

- Nov 18, 2014
Facebook is now reported to be slamming the door on Barack Hussein Obama

Obama’s not the one who’s lonely,  America is

- Nov 17, 2014
Too bad they romanticize the man with the pen when theirs should be telling it like it is

You’re not in sovereign freedom any more.  Get the picture?

- Nov 13, 2014
The Marxist/UN threat for One World Government became reality on November 10, 2014

USS America still adrift even though Republicans outnumber Democrats

- Nov 12, 2014
The Good Ship America, drifting far out to sea for six long years without oars, is almost out of sight,Obama's Executive Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

German football fans protesting Islamic terrorism branded “hooligans”

- Nov 11, 2014
If Angela Merkel is truly interested in protecting her country from Islamic terrorism, she should quit with allowing the media and police their full-throttle Tea Party smearing of citizens

Stopping Obama Leatherneck Style

- Nov 10, 2014
Getting Immigration RITE: Reform Immigration Through Enforcement’

Bypass the Holy See and Go Directly to Jesus

- Nov 9, 2014
Bypass the neo-pagan ideology that will be made into canon law and presented as a fait accompli at next year’s synod--even though it means bypassing the Holy See

Michelle Obama’s purple dress no match for Veterans’ Purple Hearts

- Nov 7, 2014
Veterans' Day: Michelle Obama appearing with silly birds wears marking this year's Veterans Day wears a purple dress. Veterans, many of whom gave their all for everyone else's freedom, wear Purple Hearts

Lame Ducking It Past the Goal Post

- Nov 6, 2014
It’s going to be an interminably long two years, but this time America’s ready for the Battle for Survival

The Morning after Midterms, Obama Home Alone

- Nov 5, 2014
What happened last night figuratively left Obama Home Alone in the White House, and the slap in the face to his destructive policies by yesterday’s voters is echoing around the world

God’s Creation, the Flying Geese

- Nov 4, 2014
Every time you hear the haunting honking of the geese overhead, think of the one chant Obama has never been able to throw away: “USA!” “USA!” As usual, the Creator will look after the rest.

Corpses, zombies and illegals out in full force for Midterms

- Nov 2, 2014
‘There’s something seriously wrong with Barack Obama’. And until the day he’s no longer in the White House, there will be something seriously wrong with America.

It’s the Socialist Democrat Party on Tuesday’s ballot

- Oct 30, 2014
Democrat Party is the Socialist Democrat Party of America in everything but name

Hamilton Hoax in play day before Dead Soldier’s funeral

- Oct 29, 2014
Someone should enlighten Omar Albach and Company that propaganda, especially when carried by the mainstream media, is anything but “good”

John Tory’s Squeaker Election Guarantees Future of ‘Ford Nation’

- Oct 27, 2014
Best of all, the squeak-through election of John Tory in Toronto tonight guarantees the future of a thriving Ford Nation.

Time for ‘Don’t Let the Terrorists Make You a John Kerry’ Campaign

- Oct 27, 2014
God Bless Our Troops

In Western Nations the mourning of innocents lost to terrorism has only begun

- Oct 27, 2014
Unless western leaders find courage to stand against Islamists by blocking them from lax immigration entry, the mourning breaking the hearts of a watching citizenry has only just begun

12 Straight Years of Liberal Governments made Canada a rat’s nest for Jihadists

- Oct 24, 2014
Too bad part of Trudeau’s being “authentic” and “being yourself” includes his hanging out at Mosques.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper Doesn’t hide behind other names for Terrorism

- Oct 23, 2014
Canadians can at least take pride in the assurance that their prime minister doesn’t hide behind other names conjured by politicians and terrorists alike for terrorism

The UN’s got the money, the UN’s got the water

- Oct 22, 2014
Message to Detroit:

The Hand of God is always there

- Oct 21, 2014
In the middle of life’s struggle, it is stories like these that come along to prove that, while so many of us wait for heroes to deliver us from the evil of current Western society, we have bypassed the real Hero of all life on Earth

Even ‘Shock-a-holic’ presidents can’t stampede nations into mass hysteria

- Oct 20, 2014
Hard to hang onto Big Boo Man Status when so many of your observers know that when it comes to Ebola, Obama long ago mounted his girly bike and rode off into the do-nothing sunset

An Ill Wind working to blow out world light

- Oct 18, 2014
Remember in this darkest of hours that what happened at the Synod does not make the enemies of Mother Church right. It just makes Pope Francis so tragically wrong

Obama hosted leaders of Ebola-plagued West African countries at August summit

- Oct 17, 2014
Ebola carriers exposing Americans to the deadly Virus?

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