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Alan Caruba


Alan has a daily blog called Warning Signs.

Alan can be reached at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
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Iran Will Negotiate Until It Becomes a Nuclear Power

- Nov 23, 2014
President Obama has been obsessed with Iran

Is There Anywhere Safe to Be a Jew?

- Nov 20, 2014
Hamas founding document: “Islamic state in Palestine in place of Israel and the Palestinian territories, and the obliteration or dissolution of Israel ... killing the last Jew on earth…”

You’ve been Gruber’d, Stupid!

- Nov 19, 2014
Obama and his administration has been lying to the voters from the moment he began to campaign for the presidency

The Two Ukraines

- Nov 18, 2014
Putin must look at Obama and the U.S. and wonder just how stupid we are.

Praying or Not on the Temple Mount

- Nov 17, 2014
Muslims are committing atrocities around the world, killing innocent people with abandon in the name of their holy war and while they do Jews and Christians are forbidden to pray on the Temple Mount

Obama Declares an Amnesty War

- Nov 16, 2014
There is no lamer duck than the President. Whenever he speaks these days all you can hear is quack, quack, quack.

Obama’s Cruel and Costly Climate Hoax

- Nov 13, 2014
The new Congress must take whatever action it can to reverse and stop the harm that it represents; people’s jobs and lives depend on it.

Being Anti-Energy is Being Anti-Humanity

- Nov 12, 2014
The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels: Heart of environmentalism and its “save the Earth” agenda is the reduction, if not the elimination, of humans from planet Earth

China! China! China!

- Nov 11, 2014
The supreme irony of China is that it adopted a capitalist economic system while remaining politically communist.

Voters Reject the Green Political Agenda

- Nov 10, 2014
The voters don’t want a lot of vapid, idiotic talk of climate change and other environmental fantasies. They want jobs. They want an economy that will provide them

Obama’s Obsession with Iran

- Nov 9, 2014
Obama’s obsession with an Iranian "deal" and his domestic and foreign policy decisions reveal a man who has been judged by the voters to be unfit, mentally and intellectually, to be President.

Israel Has Found New Allies

- Nov 6, 2014
Israelis—along with all the other disappointed allies—are learning how little it pays to be on Barack Obama’s good side

Obama’s Revenge

- Nov 5, 2014
Obama will take the electoral rejection very personally. He will use the remainder of his term in office to wreak as much damage to prove he is right and the rest of the nation is wrong

Exposing the Green Money Machine

- Nov 4, 2014
For Big Green, science is not about irrefutable truth. It is an instrument of propaganda to be distorted to advance their lies

Why Vote?

- Nov 3, 2014
The midterm elections will be about which party offers candidates who will take steps to save the nation from the Great Recession that has been around since 2008.

The Lies Phony Climate Experts Tell

- Nov 2, 2014
Whenever you hear some “climate expert” or politician refer to global warming or climate change, they are lying to you. We have more CO2 in the atmosphere and the Earth is still in a cooling cycle.

Making It Easy to Predict the Next Financial Crisis

- Oct 30, 2014
Republicans are the adults in Congress while the Democrats, liberal to the core, will never admit we are being set up for another financial crisis

Obama’s Amnesty Travesty

- Oct 29, 2014
Steve King predicts Obama will “violate the Constitution, break the law and grant executive amnesty.”

Is America in Decline? 

- Oct 28, 2014
Ridding the nation of its current, unpopular President and unlocking the hold that the Democratic Party has imposed on Congress, will be a major step in the right direction for the nation

Passionate About Conservatism

- Oct 27, 2014
"Right for a Reason: Life, Liberty, and a Crapload of Common Sense"

Obama’s War on U.S. Energy

- Oct 26, 2014
Americans are afflicted by a President and his administration that for political and environmental reasons are costing them trillions in needless, senseless energy costs

Ebola! Ebola! Yawn

- Oct 24, 2014
I am hopeful we may be spared more press conferences that don’t tell us anything more than what we already know

The Islamic Madness Persists

- Oct 23, 2014
The “religion of peace”, Islam, has not produced much peace in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world for the last 1,400 years

No Ebola Panic Despite Media Hysteria

- Oct 22, 2014
The outcome of the midterm elections will have a dramatic effect on Obama’s ability to continue his destruction of the U.S. economy and other policies.

The “Malaise” Has Returned

- Oct 21, 2014
We are at a point not dissimilar from the days of Jimmy Carter and with an even greater sense of dissatisfaction and distrust of Barack Obama

Democratic Voting Bloc-Heads

- Oct 20, 2014
The Democratic Party depends on voting blocs of less educated, less wealthy, more knee-jerk voters than the Republican Party,

Killing Confidence in Our Government

- Oct 19, 2014
Our confidence in our government must be restored with new leadership.

An American Decline that Must Be Reversed

- Oct 16, 2014
Overall spending on public infrastructure fell 10.5% between 2003 and 2012

Politicizing a Plague

- Oct 15, 2014
Democratic Party advertisement even claimed that the Ebola threat is due to Republican cuts in funding of healthcare research

Climate Change Insanity

- Oct 14, 2014
If the EPA is permitted to continue the U.S. might as well just turn off the lights because we are being systematically deprived of sufficient energy

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