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Judi McLeod


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Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years’ experience in the print media. A former Toronto Sun columnist, she also worked for the Kingston Whig Standard. Her work has appeared on Rush Limbaugh,, Drudge Report,, and Glenn Beck.

Judi can be emailed at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Ebola just become ‘Obola’ with boots on the ground in West Africa

- Sep 17, 2014
Meanwhile, Ebola is far more frightening and deadly than ISIS decapitation. Just ask Barack Obama.

Looking for and recognizing those Break Away Moments

- Sep 16, 2014
Remember that Break Away Moments surround you even in the darkest of times. All you have to do is recognize them

Learning to Speak Barry’s Language

- Sep 15, 2014
Fundamental Transformation of America is Obama's REAL War

Best ISIS Strategy Another Lepanto

- Sep 12, 2014
The Holy League stopped in its tracks the Ottoman Empire from expanding further along the European side of the Mediterranean

‘King Putt’s’ Islamic State of Denial

- Sep 11, 2014
TOP ISIL Hustler lives in the White House:

File Obama’s Waving from Wales NATO photo under ‘Lousy Shot 101’

- Sep 9, 2014
We all know by now that Obama won’t be coming up with a strategy for dealing with ISIS until Valerie Jarrett comes up with it

Russia practicing nuke attacks on America from Canada

- Sep 8, 2014
Media hound “Selfies’ like Obama and Cameron should be booed off the world stage, forced back to the work they were elected to do: Protection of the people of the U.S, Britain

NATO Wales Summit , a reality TV Show Starring Western Leaders

- Sep 7, 2014
Complete with feast & flyover:

Tweedledum & Tweedledee Come to Wales School

- Sep 4, 2014
Obama and Cameron

We’re Coming to Get You

- Sep 4, 2014
Words that world wants to hear Obama tell ISIS:

Keeping Calm and Carrying On This Winter

- Sep 3, 2014
Don’t wait for any politician or news media talking head to save you and your family from any barbarians who would make good on their threats

How do you define a “More Sedate” “Black Mass”, Oklahoma?

- Sep 1, 2014
“Down with Satan!”

The deadly combination of Obama and the UN will indenture civil society

- Aug 29, 2014
Meanwhile, has anyone noticed how the sound of the chirping crickets has suddenly changed to the snorting of pigs at the trough?

Obama takes over from Maurice Strong as global warming/climate change guru

- Aug 27, 2014
A new sun rose over the United Nations today and it's got the Barack Obama logo on it.

ISIS Mission Impossible: Catching Obama’s attention

- Aug 26, 2014
Peter Pan Golfer in the White House just doesn’t give a damn

The Twitter Terrorism of ISIS

- Aug 25, 2014
ISIS terrorists are getting away with murder--and doing so right over the Internet

Unmask radical terrorists for the world

- Aug 25, 2014
Stop allowing ravening terrorists in over the borders of the United States and Britain. Stop funding their wars against innocent civilians, Stop educating them

The unholy marriage of the radical left and radical Islam terrorists

- Aug 24, 2014
Release of 'Al Qaeda Lady' Aafia Siddiqui for James Foley did not originate with the Islamic State, but part of a far-left campaign in America first

A King Who Will Go On To Live In the Heart

- Aug 23, 2014
May the Guardian Angel of Pet Lovers hover around Doug and console both him and the noble King on this saddest of nights

Mainstream Media Romanticizing Foley beheader as ‘Black Beatle John’

- Aug 21, 2014
Terrorists advancing a smothering worldwide Caliphate with the help of do-nothing, yakety-yak political leaders

Radical Islamist Terrorism emboldened by anti-American Barack Obama

- Aug 20, 2014
How long before the terrorists flowing in to the United States unhampered across its southern border get to crow over beheadings conducted right on American soil?

‘Little Green Men’ Believe in Global Warming

- Aug 19, 2014
Extraterrestrials are conveniently global warming believers

Pelosi’s Pariahs

- Aug 19, 2014
Pelosi made a pariah out of Tom DeLay and is now trying to do the same for Texas Governor Rick Perry

Call Obama’s mysterious mid-holiday return to D.C. ‘Skulk Sunday’

- Aug 17, 2014
A riderless horse, with boots reversed in the stirrups, has become the indelible symbol for life under the heartless regime of Barack Hussein Obama

Obama’s mysterious mid-vacation return to D.C.: He should have danced all night

- Aug 15, 2014
Whatever the reason why Obama is returning to the White House on Sunday, in the middle of his latest vacation, it isn't for the good of anyone other than BHO

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a ready-made caliphate king in the Time of Obama

- Aug 13, 2014
Hyping the hype, they create monster myths that romanticize the current leader of the Islamic State who behead, crucify and bury alive those they mercilessly hunt down

Military Leaders Turning Against We the People?

- Aug 12, 2014
Other good news for ready access to the Good Book: Nor can captured-by-Obama military bigwigs remove Bible Scripture from the human heart

When Obama lied, people died

- Aug 10, 2014
No acronyms for the Islamic State:

When it comes to saving those stranded on a mountaintop, Obama is ODC (Obama Doesn’t Care)

- Aug 9, 2014
Meanwhile there’s plenty of food and water where the elitist Obama family is going

With Media Attention on Ebola H1N1 Getting a Pass

- Aug 6, 2014
Meanwhile, it’s not Ebola but Uncle Sugar and the UN folks should be running from

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