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Judi McLeod


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Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years’ experience in the print media. A former Toronto Sun columnist, she also worked for the Kingston Whig Standard. Her work has appeared on Rush Limbaugh,, Drudge Report,, and Glenn Beck.

Judi can be emailed at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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12 Straight Years of Liberal Governments made Canada a rat’s nest for Jihadists

- Oct 24, 2014
Too bad part of Trudeau’s being “authentic” and “being yourself” includes his hanging out at Mosques.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper Doesn’t hide behind other names for Terrorism

- Oct 23, 2014
Canadians can at least take pride in the assurance that their prime minister doesn’t hide behind other names conjured by politicians and terrorists alike for terrorism

The UN’s got the money, the UN’s got the water

- Oct 22, 2014
Message to Detroit:

The Hand of God is always there

- Oct 21, 2014
In the middle of life’s struggle, it is stories like these that come along to prove that, while so many of us wait for heroes to deliver us from the evil of current Western society, we have bypassed the real Hero of all life on Earth

Even ‘Shock-a-holic’ presidents can’t stampede nations into mass hysteria

- Oct 20, 2014
Hard to hang onto Big Boo Man Status when so many of your observers know that when it comes to Ebola, Obama long ago mounted his girly bike and rode off into the do-nothing sunset

An Ill Wind working to blow out world light

- Oct 18, 2014
Remember in this darkest of hours that what happened at the Synod does not make the enemies of Mother Church right. It just makes Pope Francis so tragically wrong

Obama hosted leaders of Ebola-plagued West African countries at August summit

- Oct 17, 2014
Ebola carriers exposing Americans to the deadly Virus?

The surrealism of Obama’s Ebola

- Oct 16, 2014
Planting Kisses, dancing with turnips:

Shrouds on the Ground Striking Fear Within ISIS ranks

- Oct 15, 2014
Determination and raw courage of ‘Shrouds on the Ground'

Obama worried about the identities of millions being wiped out but still teeing up

- Oct 13, 2014
Al Gore lays claim to having created the Internet but Barack Obama always knew best how to actually game it

First We Take Manhattan, Then We Take Berlin

- Oct 12, 2014
Midterm Theme Song:

Obama riding out midterm election campaign holed up in his lair

- Oct 9, 2014
"There's a sense possibly that the world is spinning so fast and nobody is able to control it"

Real ‘War on Women’ in Kobani while Obama and feminist supporters look the other way

- Oct 7, 2014
Feminist boot lickers of the Obama regime fight for access to birth control, reproductive rights, funding Planned Parenthood. Women of Kobani are giving their lives in the hopes that the West will someday save their beloved children

Pull the plug on Obama’s Big Screen Deflecting Public Attention away from Midterms

- Oct 5, 2014
Help fade out Obama’s big screen on November 4 by voting Republican, Libertarian or independent, the future of the free West depends on it.

Isn’t that racist, Mr. President?

- Oct 2, 2014
Afghan soldiers brought to Cape Cod to be sent back to Afghanistan?:

Feast of the Guardian Angels

- Oct 2, 2014
No virus, no act of terrorism, no politician posing as president is as powerful as the protectors sent by the Almighty whose Feast Day is today.

Why worry about ‘no boots’ when Obama’s heart isn’t in the battle against radical Islam?

- Sep 30, 2014
With Obama MIA in almost 60 percent of his PDB, where is he getting his information?

When it comes to the non-war against ISIS, Obama’s boots are unlaced

- Sep 29, 2014
Obama’s mettle as a leader of the airstrikes in the non-war against Caliphate-seeking radical Islam

The Name Game that enables terrorism

- Sep 28, 2014
Meanwhile, it doesn’t take M15, Scotland Yard or the FBI to call what happened in Moore, Oklahoma, an act of terrorism, it just takes truth and courage from Western leaders like Obama and Cameron

Obama and the Arabs dragging us into World War III

- Sep 25, 2014
Indecision and double dealing best describe the Obama regime of the past six years. Why is Obama making his move against the Islamist State only now?

Long live

- Sep 24, 2014
His bold battle for Israel has made him loyal friends as well as vicious enemies

‘Save the Environment’...from Obama, Strong & Gore

- Sep 23, 2014
‘The UN: Always Putting the Horse Behind the Cart’

In the dark of night remember to pray for America

- Sep 22, 2014
Pray for American because without America there is no Free World. Pray for America starting tonight and every other night to come.

Today’s ‘Black Mass’: TFP Students 1, Satanists 0

- Sep 21, 2014
Oklahoma city councillors who have just proved that they’ll rent their civic center to anybody for $17.50 a pop should stick to fixing potholes and get out of the demonology industry

How can Scotland be independent when Britain lost its independence to the EU?

- Sep 19, 2014
With most world governments having already jumped on the EU and UN bandwagon, independence is dead

Ebola just become ‘Obola’ with boots on the ground in West Africa

- Sep 17, 2014
Meanwhile, Ebola is far more frightening and deadly than ISIS decapitation. Just ask Barack Obama.

Looking for and recognizing those Break Away Moments

- Sep 16, 2014
Remember that Break Away Moments surround you even in the darkest of times. All you have to do is recognize them

Learning to Speak Barry’s Language

- Sep 15, 2014
Fundamental Transformation of America is Obama's REAL War

Best ISIS Strategy Another Lepanto

- Sep 12, 2014
The Holy League stopped in its tracks the Ottoman Empire from expanding further along the European side of the Mediterranean

‘King Putt’s’ Islamic State of Denial

- Sep 11, 2014
TOP ISIL Hustler lives in the White House:

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