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Richard J. “Sarge” Garwood runs Thanks For Listening website.  Sarge is a retired Law Enforcement Officer, with 30 years service, a syndicated columnist in Louisiana. Married with 2 sons.

Sarge can be reached at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Just ramblin’ and amblin’

- Oct 17, 2014
It's been a fun day. Obama’s been masquerading as a president

Riding shotgun

- Oct 16, 2014
Ebola is the latest episode indicating just what and who is the real enemy of the people.

The Horsemen Ride?

- Oct 15, 2014
We’re at war across the world. Famine is a terrible reality in 19 nations on the planet

The Screen Door

- Oct 13, 2014
The unsecured border is like the screen in that it has no integrity

Seeing the real path of destruction

- Oct 8, 2014
“You must see the enemy’s real path if you will stop him as he turns on you”

Cowboy Up!

- Oct 7, 2014
America needs to take the steer we call government by its horns and control it so the people win

All hands on deck

- Oct 6, 2014
Mr. Caldwell let a sex offender essentially go free with little more supervision than a scheduled visit to a Probation and Parole Office and assurances he can occasionally urinate into a cup without setting it afire

It’s no secret any longer

- Oct 1, 2014
White House integrity was violated because an employee with some kind of stature didn’t like the alarm’s volume and the stridency of its tone

The wheels on the bus

- Sep 30, 2014

Rules of engagement

- Sep 26, 2014
We should be ashamed. You fight a war to win. If there are innocents killed maybe the Human Being should think about NOT making war.

Adios, Mutha

- Sep 25, 2014
Radicalization of the Department of Justice; Eric Holder...

Shakespeare was a visionary

- Sep 24, 2014
Inside the fecklessness and irresolution of our chief executive having no desire to strengthen the world’s immunity against the disease terrorism is and always will be


- Sep 22, 2014
American government; It’s one thing to be viewed through a jaundiced eye. It’s another to realize the jaundiced eye is the result of a debilitating disease killing a major organism

Boots on the ground

- Sep 19, 2014
Syria’s a moral wasteland (at the presidential level) in Bashar al-Assad and physically after he bombed and beat the landscape with artillery fire designed to kill as many people as possible

Grasping at Sawgrass

- Sep 18, 2014

Recognizing the enemy

- Sep 17, 2014

International what?

- Sep 16, 2014
United Nations, International Community

No mea culpa

- Sep 10, 2014
Bill Cassidy’s statement Harry Reid runs the Senate like a “plantation” is funny. Or, at least it would be funny if it weren’t true


- Sep 10, 2014
Obama’s theatrics show the depths this charlatan we call a president has sunk to

Bringing the Big Top Down

- Sep 10, 2014
Obama and his band of mental munchkins

The Devil’s in the details

- Sep 5, 2014
Obama's hog spittle and bluster

He never fails me

- Sep 4, 2014
Obama’s inability to squirm out of this mess he’s created is delicious

It’s MESSY!?

- Sep 3, 2014
Obama on the state of the world:

It’s Extortion, Stupid

- Sep 1, 2014
Making nothing but a mess of American foreign policy seems to have back-fired at the point of initiation

Follow the money

- Aug 29, 2014
This is about money and the power it can buy in politics

Psycho S.O.Bs

- Aug 28, 2014
Fundamentalist Islam is NOT a religion of peace. It is a barbaric ideology expanded upon by bigots and racists

A liar’s a liar

- Aug 26, 2014
Obama’s recorded words

Too much to lose

- Aug 25, 2014
Get your heads out of your collective butts and get them back in the game

Due Diligence & Unexpected Consequences

- Aug 22, 2014
David Vitter’s gone to the opposite of his earlier stance and statements

Pimping and pandering

- Aug 21, 2014
Ferguson, Missouri; Governor Jay Nixon

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