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Douglas V. Gibbs


Douglas V. Gibbs, Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary,  is a Radio Host on KCAA 1050 AM on Saturdays and Sundays with his Constitution Speaker program, as well as a longtime Internet radio host, conservative political activist, writer and commentator. Doug is the founder of the award winning Political Pistachio website, and a free lance newspaper columnist for the Murrieta Patch, The Central Idaho Post and The Examiner. Doug is a member of the “American Authors Association”, the “Committee of Concerned Journalists” and “The Military Writers Society of America.” He received the Golden Anchor Award for his patriotic commentary in 2008, and was a candidate for his local city council in 2010. An active member of the Tea Party Movement, Doug mans a Constitution Booth at Tea Party events, is a public speaker on the U.S. Constitution, and teaches classes on the U.S. Constitution once a week in Temecula, California. Doug is a family man, married 27 years to his high school sweetheart. He is the father of two and has four grandchildren. Doug is a proud United States Navy veteran. Doug can be reached at douglasvgibbs [at] or constitutionspeaker [at]

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Barack Obama: War is Peace

- Sep 25, 2014
War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. Ministry of Truth has spoken, now go home, prepare for the next election. Don't worry, your votes will still be bought with more federal gifts from the treasury

Adrian Peterson and the Fine Line of Child Abuse

- Sep 15, 2014
Corporal punishment or Child Abuse

Flipping Texas

- Sep 12, 2014
I have no doubt that the next Democrat Party Presidential Candidate may very well be from the State of Texas

9/11 Not a Tragedy… An Act of War

- Sep 12, 2014
We Shall Never Forget

Freedom of Approved Speech

- Sep 11, 2014
If you believe it is in your best interest to allow government to take power over certain things, it won't be long before government takes power over certain things that are not in your best interest

Kids, Guns, and a Shooting Range

- Sep 3, 2014

Cry for Argentina

- Aug 27, 2014
Liberal left socialist utopianism has destroyed Argentina's economy, and the country is now joining the ranks of leftist economies gasping for air, and slowly dropping below the waterline

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Thanks, but No Thanks

- Aug 26, 2014
Darkness always appears as an angel of light: Embryonic stem cell lines

The Golfing President

- Aug 24, 2014
All he cares about is if he is going to sink his next putt.

Parents Protest Sex Education, Planned Parenthood Uses It to Sell Abortion

- Aug 10, 2014
Material Planned Parenthood and others in the abortion industry distributed as sex education was designed entirely to encourage abortion

Border Patrol Agent: Stop Offering Free Stuff

- Aug 9, 2014
Stop giving illegals incentives to come here illegally

Constitutional Immigration

- Aug 2, 2014
We the People, through our States, have the right to defend ourselves against illegal immigration

Knockout Games: Black on White Violence

- Jul 30, 2014
People, like Obama and the race-baiting reverends, are in part to blame for the Black on White violence of the Knockout Game

Statism is the Disease, Fueled by Human Nature

- Jul 24, 2014

Defeating statism and confronting a tyrannical federal government is not just something we ought to do, but it is our right.

Putin’s Malaysia Airliner Chess Game

- Jul 21, 2014
Terrorism, Russia, Ukraine

Murrieta: City of Hate?  Or Home of the New Revolution?

- Jul 15, 2014
Murrieta was more than a protest. It was the beginning of a revolution, a resistance to federal tyranny, and President Obama's desire to lawlessly force his policies upon America.

Elected Representatives Hide From Murrieta Immigration Showdown

- Jul 10, 2014
Elected officials like Ken Calvert and Duncan Hunter have chosen to play Waldo, vanishing into the landscape, hiding in plain sight and abandoning the people who voted them into office

Murrieta Immigration Scare Tactics

- Jul 8, 2014
Fear is the way this administration prefers to rule

Dangerous Demonstrators at Murrieta’s Blocked Immigration Road

- Jul 8, 2014
Good people of Murrieta are potential domestic terrorists

Obama to Act on His Own on Immigration

- Jul 8, 2014
Federal Tyranny: President Obama acts lawlessly every time he acts without Congress on issues that must be legislated

The Real Illegal Immigration Agenda in Murrieta

- Jul 7, 2014
Nothing to do with immigration, humanitarian aid or Racism-- It's all about Government Power

Murrieta’s Cliven Bundy Moment

- Jul 3, 2014
Deceptive nature of the federal government, and their scheme to import illegal aliens

Murrieta Patriots Reject Busloads of Illegal Aliens

- Jul 2, 2014
Local patriots turned back the buses. Somewhere between 200-300 people swarmed the street, with cars parked on both sides, blocking the buses

Illegal Immigration Bio-Warfare

- Jul 2, 2014
Securing the border, as required by Article IV, Section 4 of the United States Constitution, is also a national security issue

Abandoning Capitalism

- Jul 2, 2014
Plutocrats accused capitalists of being the plutocrats, calling for a global system to control the economies of the world, and to stop capitalism

Climate Change Denier Fringe Radicals

- Jul 1, 2014
While the democrats are laughing, thinking they are somehow on a plane above everyone else, science is making a mockery of their deceptive agenda

IRS Scandal Email Cover-up Leads to Democrat Agenda

- Jun 24, 2014

Liberal left democrats form of the Muslim practice of taqiyya

Adam Smith Redeemed

- Jun 11, 2014
Economics of Adam Smith, and the great minds of early America, has been validated as the best strategy for a prosperous, and growing, economic condition

The Essence of Liberty

- Jan 21, 2014
The reality of a limited government.

Let the Government Shutdown

- Sep 3, 2013
A Government Shutdown is not the ultimate desire, but a necessity to defund the defundable parts of the Affordable Care Act

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