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It's Obama's war on America!, Behind the next Iron Curtain

By Any Means Possible—The American Civil War of 2010

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 By Christopher Massie  Wednesday, September 1, 2010

“About 50 parishioners were locked into the Assemblies of God church before it was set ablaze. They were mostly women and children. Those who tried to flee were hacked to death by machete-wielding members of a mob numbering 2,000… Many of the atrocities were perpetrated by Muslims against Christians.”

Sounds crazy, right? Like a paragraph plucked from the pages of some fictional book written to frighten American readers into never leaving their houses again. What’s so frightening, so ghastly horrific, however, about that one brief paragraph, that snapshot in history, is that it’s completely true. These mind-numbing events took place less than 3 years ago; their planning and ordering being attributed to the man Barack Hussein Obama campaigned for—even spending several days shoulder to shoulder with—all because that man lost the most important election of his career.

Before answering the obvious question (that question being: WHY?), a study in nation building (via the divide and conquer method) is in order.

Webster’s Online Dictionary defines Marxism as:

“The economic and political theories of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels that hold that human actions and institutions are economically determined and that class struggle is needed to create historical change and that capitalism will ultimately be superseded by communism.”

For readers not so inclined to delve into the history of Marxism, while the theories of setting the working class free at the demise of the rich may sound glamorous in theory, the application of true Marxism by Communist countries—dating as far back as the turn of the twentieth century—has resulted in the loss of millions of lives, as well as ecological ruin.

Marxism, and the Communist states born from its practice, can be traced to Vladimir Lenin, who, in 1917, first attempted to overthrow the ruling class in what is known as the October Revolution of 1917. Throughout the devastation Lenin’s country and fellow countrymen were suffering at the hands of their foes during WWI, Lenin continued on as an agitator, selfishly pitting brother against brother towards his own gains. Ignoring the obvious—that Russia was battling against Germany for the sake of survival—Lenin accused his Motherland of conspiring with the British to take over the world through imperialism. His Marxist rhetoric, twisted further into a version that earned its own, infamous moniker, Marxism-Leninism, would lead to riots, deaths and internal wars as Russia defended itself against both Germany AND Lenin’s followers. Lenin was accused by the Russian Provisional Government for these actions and his followers, the Bolsheviks were jailed. Yet with all this, the Provisional Government could not maintain; it collapsed, the Bolsheviks were freed and Lenin would ascend to power.

Once in place, Lenin and his Bolshevik party took firm control of the country. Newspapers were silenced, farmers and other laborers were taken under the control of the new government, and Lenin signed his treaty with Germany. From there, the rest is history. The Russian Civil War ensued, millions died, and Lenin’s place in history as one of the world’s most ruthless, murderous, nation destroying leaders was sealed.

History exposes Vladimir Lenin for the demon he was finally found to be. But what of the time he was so popular? What aspect of this evil man could possibly draw so many supporters so as to catapult Lenin to leader of Russia? A study of Lenin’s attention to the minority groups, as well as the liberals and the progressives of his time reveal certain eerie similarities to the modern day.

Lenin promised Change

Lenin’s political party was a haven for people who were in opposition to the presiding party; in that, the Bolsheviks in 1917 were the equivalent of the Democrats in 2008. Lenin would write that it was imperative to the modernization of Russia that peasants have their level of life bettered so as to remove poverty and disease.

Lenin promised Change to the poor and overlooked!

Lenin rose to power on the promise of electrification of the entire country.

Once in office, he instituted universal health care, free education, and announced equal rights for women.

Sound familiar? “What could go wrong by electing Lenin?”

Promises made by Lenin were soon found to be coming from an empty suit, as one by one the parameters for earning these tokens from Lenin would become realized. An example was the reversal of worker’s self management. Lenin had promised power to the workers, yet changed course and installed his own self-elected official for each enterprise (a Czar if you will). While workers had the right to negotiate their own issues, the Czar had final say. Workers’ rights became an oxymoron; revolting against Lenin’s Czar was punishable by death.

Finally, in his efforts to control the very followers he swore to protect, Lenin organized The CHEKA. Millions would be put to death by this terrorist organization for breathing a word of revolutionary rhetoric against Lenin, millions more were murdered for daring to desert to foreign lands.

If only his people had known Lenin’s great disdain for them, perhaps history would have been written less disastrously; in his own words:

“If Socialism can only be realized when the intellectual development of all the people permits it, then we shall not see Socialism for at least five hundred years.”  -Lenin

That simply couldn’t happen today, though; right? Not in America. We take the time to vet our politicians. We would know if someone running for office was a Marxist.

Wouldn’t we?

From Lenin, there would be an even more evil demon to walk the face of the Earth, rising to power before the tombstone of Lenin was firmly grasped by Mother Nature’s grip.

That man was Joseph Stalin. His evils may have been with him from exiting the womb, as he was permanently scarred from the age of seven. The next five years would see Stalin nearly killed by horse-drawn carriage—twice—so that before his teens, this was a highly disturbed, permanently disfigured individual. Before the age of 18, Stalin would be expelled from seminary, leading him to his first encounter with Vladimir Lenin’s work.

By the time of his 25th birthday, Stalin was a soldier in the Bolsheviks. Not satisfied working to overthrow his own country’s government, Stalin escaped to Baku, a large port in the Eurasian state of Azerbaijan, south of Russia. There, after the death of his wife, he recruited Muslims and Persians to carry out, among other acts, the murders of right-wing supporters of the Russian Tsar.

Stalin was a coward, a crook and a back-stabbing politician

Stalin was a coward, a crook and a back-stabbing politician, something only history could teach us; shaking his hand never guaranteed your fingers returning intact. His constant jockeying, as his country headed to Revolution, set him one day at odds with his peers, a foe of his enemy the following week.

Stalin appeared to play the role of a left-wing politician praising the works of the farthest right reaching competitor in his bid for higher office.

The Saint Petersburg PRAVDA was started by Stalin from the ashes of another Party newspaper with the help of two editors whose identities were to be kept secret (PRAVDA’s editors were against the Provisional Government). Stalin then betrayed these editors, effectively launching the Revolution, later taking a position in favor of the Provisional Government. By April, 1917, however, when Lenin initiated the first takeover of the government, Stalin pulled the Chameleon, backed the overthrow, and the Bolsheviks were nearly destroyed in the failed coup. Finally, in the October Revolution, born from the release of the Bolsheviks to help defend Saint Petersburg from attack, Lenin, Stalin and their group would defeat the Provisional Government and set in motion the attack upon the Russian citizens, revealing the true evil that was Stalin.

Stalin and Lenin, though eternal comrades, never saw completely eye to eye. Stalin took a particularly hard line with the states, namely Georgia.

Yet through it all, Lenin considered Stalin an ally; if Stalin required additional power to get the job done, titles would be granted, promotions were bestowed or politicians were aligned to get the jobs done.

One such example was the alignment of Stalin, Kamenev and Zinoviev. Lenin worked with Kamenev to appoint Stalin as General Secretary, a position of supreme power. Once Lenin took ill, Stalin and Kamenev convinced Zinoviev to form a triumvirate. They would then influence the delegate selection process, securing a majority of seats in the 1923 Party Conference, resulting in the defeat of Stalin’s nemesis, Trotsky.

Trotsky, an orthodox Marxist, was the only man who stood between Stalin and the latter’s quest for what would become “a regime of terror and totalitarian rule.”

“Stalinism refers to socialist states that use secret police, propaganda, and bureaucratic central planning of the economy, to enforce their rule.” (Taken from Wikipedia)

Under Stalin’s dictatorship, the Soviet Union suffered the Soviet famine, the Great Purge, the deportation and murder of millions of ethnic minorities, and a pact with Nazi-Germany that led to the Soviet invasion of Poland, Finland, the Baltics and more. After the death of millions of his countrymen in the Axis defeat of WWII, Stalin instituted the Cold War, drawing down the Iron Curtain, and freezing relations between the West and USSR.

Stalin shook hands with the devil himself, signing a contract with Hitler; a miscalculation resulting in the deaths of more Russians than any other country suffered at the Axis defeat. Adding to that Stalin’s massacre of an estimated 1 million ordinary Russians—and others—during the Great Purge, one wonders why any sane person would preach or otherwise follow the writings or theories of Stalin; who would consider the ideals Stalin based his rampage on—Leninism, Communism, and Socialism—worth even a passing thought?

This study shows how Stalin worked his way up the ranks; Stalin was a slippery, evil politician. He surrounded himself with folks who would vote—and influence others to vote—along his preferred political lines.

He wanted Leninism defeated, he hired Stalinists. He wished for a changed to Trotsky’s influence, he formed a committee.

That cannot happen today, not with our system; right?!

A political move by the Muslim president of the United States to surround himself with additional Muslims in the administration, and to increase the presence of government supported programs to promote Islam and recognize Muslims worldwide simply could not happen in America; right?

The Obama Administration announces:

Homeland Security Advisory Council:
Welcomes: Kareem Shora (National Executive Director American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee)
Policy Development:
Welcomes: Arif Alikhan as its new Assistant Secretary

I trust Kareem and Arif have studied the work of Stalin; Stalin later had Kamenev and Zinoviev imprisoned.

Barack Hussein Obama has been labeled by numerous organizations, factions and individuals—left, center AND right—as a Marxist. In his book, “Dreams from My Father”—authorship of which we’ll delve into momentarily—it is written that Obama would seek out, and preferred to hang out with, Marxists and other such radicals.

In the book, Obama is seemingly self-described as a follower of Marxism; students following such wildly leftist theories knowing full well what Communist monsters were born from Marxism. Obama, in fact, is described by people who have spent a great deal of time in private with the man, as a Marxist-Leninist.

Obama firmly grasps the theory of a working class revolution to redistribute wealth and property

Obama firmly grasps the theory of a working class revolution to redistribute wealth and property. He was, in college, 100% in agreement with his Marxist college professors. He is beyond a Socialist, he is a Marxist; self-described.

Dr. John C Drew, college professor and once serious Marxist, converted in 1984 after a year-long study in child labor laws, was a friend and confidant of Obama’s in college. There has never been a more provocative, compelling offer of proof to Obama’s Marxist beliefs than Dr. Drew’s personal account.

THIS INTERVIEW with Dr. Drew encapsulates Obama’s Marxist theories and the left’s attempts to keep those tendencies in the closet—or at the very least tied a little closer to center.

Examples: The day after Dr. Drew’s initial interview went public (in which Drew reveals Obama’s Marxist-based disgust with wealthy America), President Obama is interviewed by Bloomberg, stating that perhaps the bonuses drawn by the investment bankers are okay, after all. Obama and his administration had been made aware of Drew’s interview. Going on the defensive, Obama’s objective was to paint himself as, perhaps, someone who could relate to wealthy America’s plight.

Another: Occidental Professor Roger Boesche (pronounced bo-SHAY), when asked by an L.A. Times interviewer for a comment regarding Obama’s exploratory committee in 2007 to run for president , had little to say about the one time student, stating Obama was, “a very thoughtful student and a very curious student.” SO? Boesche was not only Obama’s favorite professor (to quote Obama), but the former was also a visitor to the Oval Office last year. Oh, and Boesche is also a Socialist—Dr. Drew claims a willingness to testify under oath to that point. Seems someone has a bit more to share, somewhere.

From college, Obama continued to harbor thoughts of revolution. Columbia University and the resulting political science degree: these were not the seeds of a career as a financial consultant. Readers of “Dreams” are keenly aware that Obama had labored against the thoughts of his Mother’s White blood within him since puberty; the White-male-dominated world of the financial sector only fueled the revolutionary within. Though privileged he may be, Barry was determined to be Barack.

Thoughts of Marxism/Leninism/Socialism/Revolution simmered…

During the campaign, we heard a lot of Obama’s time as a community “organizer” in Chicago. The place he was most often attributed to assisting was known as Atlgeld Gardens. In “Dreams”, Obama—or whoever wrote the book—speaks of altercations with officials over deplorable living conditions and helping the downtrodden in these depressed ghettos. But what has seemingly escaped attention recently is the name—a rather prominent name, mind you—of a radical, seedy little demonic character that Obama became involved with during his time in Altgeld.

During his time as an organizer in Chicago, working to stir up some life for the folks in Altgeld Gardens, Obama also spent a lot of time working with the Roseland Unity Coalition. In “Dreams”, he speaks of the beginnings of negotiations that he hopes will bring some spirit, in the form of jobs, investments, etc, to the people of the Gardens. One place, Roseland, could offer such an opportunity. He places a call to the man who “runs” the “hood” and schedules a meeting.

That meeting would place Barack Hussein Obama face to face with Rafiq Al Shabazz.

In his book, “Dreams”, Rafiq is described by another of Obama’s regular friends—Shirley—as being a “gang-banger”, a “thug” and having recently converted to Islam, taking a Muslim name and leaving his “plain old” name behind. Shirley goes on to offer what may be the most important kernel of descriptive narrative yet about Shabazz; a piece of seemingly overlooked evidence that until now has been lost in the pages of “Dreams”.

“He can change his name but he can’t hide them ears he’s got.” Photos of King Samir Shabazz without his ears covered are hard to find. Has Roseland made its way to Philadelphia?

According to Dr. Drew, the most logical professional route for Socialists/Marxists to take, once leaving college, will take them through either community activism or teaching. These are the professions where Socialists are at peace with themselves and their consciences. Obama followed his natural calling.

From there, the next logical path, unless one denounces their beliefs, is politics.

Alcohol, cigarettes and pulpit preaching, however, don’t make much hay in modern day politics.

Obama would need to surround himself with powerful, rich, successful, and polished yet deeply committed Marxists/Socialists/Communists to accomplish his next goals.

Enter Alice Palmer. Before Palmer—editor of the Black Press Review—would find herself State Senator of Illinois, Dr. Palmer was an official of an F.B.I. identified Communist group known as the U.S. Peace Council. In the 1980s, working against President Reagan, this organization’s goal was to undermine the President’s efforts to weaken the Soviet Union. From her untoward beginnings as a member of that most indecent, Communist, un-American organization, Palmer would later become Obama’s mentor.

A decade after her involvement with the U.S.P.C., and writing for the Communist Party USA, Palmer would set in motion a series of events that led straight to the Obama election.

November 1994: Palmer launches a campaign to run for Congress (to fill the seat of indicted U.S. Rep. Mel Reynolds (D-2) and suggests that Jesse Jackson, Jr., run for her State Senate seat.

June 27 1995: Palmer formally announces she is running for Congress and releases her State Senate seat.

July 1995: Palmer supporter and good friend, Barack Obama announces he will run for Palmer’s State Senate seat.

Summer 1995: Jesse Jackson, Sr. strikes a deal with Palmer wherein he endorses her for Congress and she, in turn, endorses Jesse Jackson, Jr., for her vacated Illinois Senate seat.

September 1 1995: Jesse Jackson, Jr., unhappy with his father’s deal, announces his decision to run for Congress in direct competition with Palmer.

Second half 1995: Palmer introduces Obama to Bill Ayers and wife Bernardine Dohrn, former terrorists, bombers, and members of The Weather Underground Organization.

November 1995: Palmer loses to Jesse Jackson, Jr.

March 1996: After taking to the courts to challenge his one time friend, mentor, and person who introduced him to the most powerful Hyde Park activists, Barack Obama—successfully removing Palmer and all other candidates from the ballot—ran unopposed; winning the State Senate seat in Illinois.

Close your eyes and think back to Stalin’s months from PRAVDA to the October Revolution…

As a footnote here, referring back to the authorship of “Dreams from My Father”, that book was published in the summer of 1995. If, as rumors persist, Bill Ayers is the author of “Dreams”, the shared black rage these two men harbor does not bode well for America.

Now in the Senate, Communists in hip pocket, Marxism his bible and Socialism his end goal for America

Now in the Senate, Communists in hip pocket, Marxism his bible and Socialism his end goal for America, Barack Hussein Obama eyes a much loftier goal.

His ascent from the ghettos of Roseland to the Senate would be mirrored by his meteoric rise to the most powerful seat in the United States. Vetting of this man was nominal, nay, non-existent. Obama’s past, his theories, his ideals, his books, his own words, his Marxism, his friends, his very idea for America—Fundamental Change—were never called into question to the extent required. White America feared its own Selma shadow.

Marxism marched into the Oval Office dressed up as “The Electrification of America”.

“Change” for the working class, redistribution of wealth, healthcare, education, and rights of citizens placed Socialism into the bosom of the most Exceptional country on Earth.

Marxists believe the only way to install Communism is to first tear down Capitalism.

Now in office, with only 4 years to dictate his goals, Obama must act swiftly. He must first conquer the bureaucracy, thus bringing about the destruction of the private enterprise system, through massive entitlements.

So far, to the tune of $13trillion and counting, Obama’s entitlements include:

Obamacare, Government Owned Automobile Companies, Government Owned Banks, Government Owned Housing, Unemployment, and Unequaled Spending…

He was voted into office on the promise of “Overhauling Entitlement Programs”. Remember the famous line, “We’ve kicked that can down the road long enough”?

Socialism rode into the White House because we never asked him to clarify: “Overhaul”.

Finally, as if winter passed more quickly and hibernation came to an expedited end for us sleeping bears, America is beginning to awaken. Obama’s approval numbers are beginning to plummet and folks from all walks of life are starting to ask some really tough questions. Obama is feeling the heat, as evidenced by his recent speaking engagements where he sounds more like a candidate and less like the President of the United States.

In Racine Wisconsin, a state with 14% unemployment, Obama had the audacity to tell the gathered masses that jobs are on the rise!

And in other speeches and interviews, he tells anyone with a microphone the same story: the economy, jobs and all are moving in the right direction.

Americans, according to myriad polls, aren’t buying the rhetoric. In fact, they’re seriously questioning not only Obama’s policy making procedures, they are now digging into his history. Obama’s Muslim past and his ties to Islam, in particular, are among the most heavily discussed topics in America today. This issue becomes increasingly dear to Americans when they discover Obama’s tendencies with Islam.

Obama has banned use of the words Islamic extremism, jihadist, Islamist and Islamic terrorism

Obama has banned use of the words Islamic extremism, jihadist, Islamist and Islamic terrorism, among others, from the official administration language; preferring instead to state America is at war with radical extremists. Add to these fundamental changes in course and policy the addition of self-described “Devout Muslims” to his administration, and one understands why a majority of America seriously questions his motives.

Marxists/Socialists, as history has shown us, will do and say anything in their quest for power.

Lenin rose to power on the backs of the common man; Stalin politically flip-flopped until Lenin emerged victorious.

Obama mirrors both of these men.

Once in power, the installation of Socialism must be swift; the nation must be conquered from within BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE as rapidly as one can.

Lenin removed all power from the people immediately upon entering office, leading to the Russian Civil War and the death of millions; his divide and conquer succeeded in destroying his country, paving the way for Communism.

Stalin would rule Russia as a paranoid dictator, polarizing politicians for his own gain until Lenin’s death; jailing, murdering and deporting millions to guarantee Communism.

And what of Obama? How now will this next Socialist/Marxist/Communist divide and conquer?

The Muslim world is far reaching, multi-dimensional and spans diverse races and cultures. The radical Islamic contingency can be found throughout. And it is that radical sect that Obama has a dangerous connection to. One such connection, one whom claims a blood-line kinship to Barack Hussein Obama, is Raila Odinga. Odinga is not a Muslim, in his own words. He claims he and Obama are cousins, though. The problem with the allegiance between Obama and Odinga lay in the political marriage of Odinga and the National Muslim Leaders Forum of Kenya.

Odinga signed a pact with Shiekh Abdullah Abdi, chairman of that organization, as discussed earlier, to secure the support of Kenyan Muslims for Odinga’s bid to win the election for President.

Why would Obama campaign for Odinga? What interest does Obama have in a militant, Muslim-backed army of radical black soldiers half a world away?

Why did Lenin and Stalin sign treaties with Hitler?

Israel has been an American ally for decades. Netanyahu has visited the White House, dining with Presidents and heads of State through nearly half a dozen presidential terms. Never has he been treated such as he has been recently. So filled with rage at the treatment bestowed upon their leader were the people of Israel that some newspapers called the Obama handling “racist”.

The hand-shaking, back-slapping, cajoling and money donating by Obama to the Arab world, as he promises Palestinians that Jerusalem will be theirs, and writes checks to Abbas after Turkey invades Israel’s waters, sends a clear signal to not only Israel, but the Muslim world as well. America, Obama’s America, has a new ideological path. Obama’s march to divide the nation will begin BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE.

Returning to this country now, Obama, his armies now lining up—Islamic based soldiers throughout the Arab world, Muslims in Africa, and machete-wielding murderers throughout other parts of Africa (just in case the “racist Islamists”—as Obama calls them—don’t respect his authority), looks to work domestically from the inside out.

But how does a President launch a holy war in America? Muslims in America haven’t been successful in forming a large scale Radical Islamist Organization, to the knowledge of We The People. Homeland Security watches over that. Sure, Obama is slowly working to infiltrate that organization, but November is fast approaching; “revolution needs to be sparked much quicker”. “The entitlements direction, my faithful installation of the Cloward-Piven strategy isn’t causing implosion fast enough. What am I to do?”

“Wait a minute, the Zionists called me a racist! By golly, THAT’S IT!” Michelle, get Holder on the phone.”

“Holder, this is Obama. You know that Shabazz issue you guys are working on? That kid’s the same Shabazz from my book. We need this spark. Drop that case.”

Pitting Blacks against Whites is the quickest way to start a Civil War; an American Civil War. Hate crimes against Whites are rarely prosecuted; yet even uttering the “N” word under one’s breath may have a citizen sentenced to jail. Selma is integrated, Rosa’s bus is a relic in a museum, but racism is not dead—especially in the White House.

But it’s not racism that we’re fighting, America. It’s Marxism. We’re fighting a battle for this Country’s very life. Shabazz is no more the enemy than you and I are. Shabazz is a pawn in the largest battle for a Republic since America was born. Remember: Shabazz is a Muslim; is this Holy War? Or is this a Race War? It’s neither!

Are we to allow him to win? Are we to wake up one morning, in the not-too-distant future, to the sounds of women and children locked in an Assemblies of God church as it is set ablaze by pipe and gun wielding Radical Islamists chanting race-based epithets? Are we to become so enraged at each other over the color of our skin that we allow Lenin incarnate to stir the flames of hatred that Dr. King worked so hard—with Whites AND Blacks alike—to dowse? Have we become so blinded by our own joblessness, relative poverty and the nation’s recession that we’ll listen to the evil, vile rhetoric of a man who continues to hold high regard for Stalin?

DEAR AMERICA: We are not a hyphenated country! We are one! We fought Hitler together! We died on 9/11 together! This is not our Civil War, people!

It’s Obama’s war on America!


Or we will all find ourselves behind the next Iron Curtain.

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