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Remoulade Sauce, Sawmill Gravy, Red-Eye Gravy, and “Hoover Sop”:

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 By Dub and Deb  Thursday, November 17, 2011

Good morning…you all! How is everyone today? We’d like to welcome you back to Ridin’ Out the Recession, in Miz Judi’s Kitchen once again.

As you know, Deb and I are eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, and most know our reasoning for this…

Anyway, there’s only so many ways to fix your vegetables, and with this in mind, we’re always looking for “new twists” in preparing them. You all are aware that from a nutrition standpoint, the most nutritious way to eat them is raw.

The other day going through a cookbook, we came across a recipe for Remoulade Sauce. This is a mayonnaise based sauce that is widely used in one of New Orleans classic dishes…Shrimp Remoulade.

This is boiled shrimp served cold over salad greens with this sauce. It is also used with “po boy sandwiches,” and as a topping for cold beef, pork and chicken. The recipe we’ll be sharing with you today is a Remoulade Sauce that is based on several different recipes from the 1880s to the 1960s.

I didn’t know what it was, and after looking over the ingredients in the recipe I told Deb that I believe this would be delicious as a dip for our raw vegetables, and she agreed, so…we made up a batch.

I gotta tell you guys that this Remoulade is just like we figured it to be! It tastes so good when used as a dip, and we thought it good enough to share with you today. We chill it, and then serve it with our veggies.

Anyway, if it sounds as if you might like it, then we suggest giving it a whirl. We’re glad we did, and we both doubt you’ll regret tryin’ it out!

Again, today’s recipes come from the cookbook, An Irresistible History of Southern Food,” and it was written by Rick McDaniel, and published by The History Press, in Charleston, South Carolina.


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Note to Readers: There are a few things that Dub doesn’t know but one thing he does know is that the word ‘Riding’ (as in Riding Out the Recession) is spelled with a ‘g’ at the end.  But Dub not only walks the walk, but speaks like he is: down home, true blue, and plain speakin’ country folk.

Dub and Deb are both native Floridians, live in Central Florida, and run a small business as well. They have five children, and seven grandchildren.

Both love to cook, love to laugh, grow a garden, and generally try to “aggravate” most anyone around them basically…all in good fun, of course!

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