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We've lost our national sovereignty

Leon Panetta:  NATO calls the shots, not congress

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 By Guest Column Cristine A. White  Thursday, March 8, 2012

When Jeff Sessions questioned Leon Panetta about his position on United States military action in Syria, the response was astounding. Panetta actually said out loud and on camera that Nato or the UN Security Council calls the shots, not congress. Wow, if that doesn’t make every literate American see that we’ve lost our national sovereignty, I can’t imagine what will.

The United States Constitution gives the power to declare war to the Congress. Repeatedly we see the Constitution trashed and Congress marginalized. We are quickly eroding all that keeps a balance of power in our country.

First, the President by-passed Congress with the appointment of his minions, the czars. Second, he used recess appointments to put in place agency heads and Presidential advisors that Congress likely would have not confirmed.
And now, the officially declared position of the Secretary of State is that the international community can take us to war, not our own Congress. 

If this man gets another 4 years, what is left of our amazingly crafted Constitution, along with what is left of our liberties will be gone. How dare Mr. Panetta (or anyone else) give power over our men and boys, women and girls to anyone but our Congress.

Cristine A. White
Englewood, FL

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