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Wishing Hillary Clinton a speedy recovery and looking forward to her telling the truth again

Why NOT questioning Hillary Clinton’s illness is media malpractice

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 By Marinka Peschmann  Friday, January 4, 2013

Some media outlets such as the New York Post, Fox News, The Daily Caller, Infowars, and Republicans are under fire and criticism from outlets like Huffingtonpost, The Daily Beast, Seattle Times, The Week, Politico, Media Matters, the Los Angeles Times, MSNBC, BuzzFeed, Atlantic Wire and the DailyDownload for questioning the veracity of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s illness. But the real question is—how can they not question Hillary’s truth-telling?

Watch to see why NOT questioning Hillary Clinton’s honesty is nothing short of media malpractice.

It is absolutely awful when one cannot take a government official’s word at face value but that is the world we live in today. If Hillary had not told so many falsehoods in the past there would be no reason to question her honesty today.

That includes lying to investigators. Remember Travelgate?

From The Fix is in Part II: Hillary’s Benghazi Coverup and The Whistleblower:

Seven years after the firings Special Prosecutor Robert Ray (who succeeded Ken Starr in the Office of the Independent Counsel), concluded in his final report that Hillary Clinton’s sworn testimony was “factually inaccurate.” “The overwhelming evidence establishes that she played a role in the decision to fire the employees. ... Thus, her statement to the contrary under oath was factually false.”

Seven years later, the public had tuned out. Ten years later, the Clintons re-wrote the facts about Travelgate in their respective memoirs absolving Hillary of any wrongdoing or of telling falsehoods to investigators—a prosecutable offense.

After Ray’s report on Travelgate was released, Dale said, “Everyone, especially Robert Ray, knows Hillary Clinton lied under oath about her role. It is disappointing that the Office of Independent Counsel ... would not prosecute her simply because of a fear of what a Washington, D.C., jury might do.”

If your or I did what Hillary did we would have been charged with perjury.

The truth is not left or right. It is right and wrong. A liar and a hypocrite, be it in the Democrat or Republican party, is still a liar and a hypocrite—just like corruption, whether it appears on the Right or the Left of the political spectrum is still corruption. The media should be speaking truth to power instead of attacking each other.

Wishing Hillary Clinton a speedy recovery and looking forward to her telling the truth again.

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