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2016: Dr. Ben Carson

A call for the Ben Carson Network

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 By Judi McLeod  Saturday, February 23, 2013
Dr. Ben Carson Network

In the desolation of an Obama badgered America comes an unwavering bold beam of light tethered to real Hope & Change.

Now that the Progressive propagandists in the mainstream media are going for the jugular of what could be the most trusted voice out there in the wilderness, it is time for Dr. Ben Carson to throw his natural followers a lifeline.

The natural followers of the brilliant brain surgeon are already on board with his thinking that Political Correctness is killing off civil society with uncountable paper cuts.

Just as millions are ready to throw in the towel on both political parties ruining the USA, along comes a man with a proven track record for the kind of leader America both wants and needs.

Dr. Ben Carson is Enemy Numero Uno to the propped-up-by-media Progressives ever since he spoke truth to power within mere feet of President Barack Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast, where he cast a penetrating light on the long-time elephant in the room: the dead society sought by Political Correctness.

With a message that reverberated far beyond the National Prayer Breakfast, what took the George Soros-funded Media Matters so long to come out on the attack?

The hatred of Benjamin Carson dragged out of dark corners is particularly toxic because it happens to be a hatred well laced with fear.

While legions always knew the way to burst the bubbles of both Political Correctness and media propaganda was only confronting them with the truth, Dr. Carson did it out in the open, in front of the president, and is keeping right on trucking.

A rebuke to the status quo, Dr. Ben Carson is everything America wanted Barack Obama to be but wasn’t.

He readily admits that “We’ll always be safe in Jesus Christ if we place our faith in the Lord”, is and is walking proof that decency and success can come in the same package.

Carson opens the minds of people from all walks of life, of all political leanings to the reasonable belief that nothing—not even the hijacking of the Oval Office with the power of a Presidency by Executive Order—is hopeless.

Carson whets the potential for real Hope & Change in an already sabotaged nation by saying he will run for the 2016 presidency if “God grabs me by the collar”.

No matter how far a bought-and-paid-for media goes digging, everything about the good surgeon is right for the times.

Add to the deadly fear the progressives hold for him,  a delivery and style so difficult to attack.  Dr. Carson is plain spoken, knows baloney when he sees it and delivers his remarks with self-effacing humour.

His fame as a surgeon preceded him to the public square,  and what the world is seeing is a man raised by a mother who, even in abject poverty, rejected victim hood for herself and the two sons circumstances forced to raise on her own.

A man that grew intellectually through a steady diet of books from the Detroit Public Library, Dr. Carson is a man who knows a lot about many things.

The one thing he may not yet consciously know is that God seems to have already collared him.

Even with the 2016 presidential far in the offing, he’s already something badly needed in dark, turbulent times: a leader of the masses; a focus for better days ahead.

Throw out a lifeline, Dr. Carson, a daily email or a newsletter to help the masses get you where they need you to be: on a steady trajectory to the White House.

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